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17 "Jaw-Dropping" Mansplaining Experiences Women Will Unfortunately Find All Too Relatable

PSA to all men: STOP IT.

If you're a woman, I guarantee you've probably experienced a little something called "mansplaining."

Tyra Blizzard, a recent university graduate from Ottawa, Ontario, decided that she'd had enough when she made this TikTok challenging other women to share their most "jaw-dropping mansplaining experience" before sharing her own, when a man tried to explain to her how many tampons she needed.

"I was inspired to share my mansplaining story from the experiences I was having with a new male friend," Tyra told BuzzFeed. "He had a habit of mansplaining ALL the time. I had a feeling that mansplaining was a common issue — however, I needed to confirm my suspicion. I realized he was not the only man to mansplain things to me, so I decided to bring my experience to TikTok. I wanted to know if mansplaining was truly as prevalent as I had suspected — spoiler alert, it is."

Needless to say, plenty of women chimed in with their own experiences — and they are, indeed, jaw-dropping. See for yourself:

1. This woman was mansplained how long her period should last:

2. This woman was mansplained when you're supposed to bleed while you're on your period:


@tblizzy my #moremansplaining experience with a man who doesn’t know how female anatomy works. I don’t even feel bad for the fact that I bled on Matt

♬ original sound - Ali McCarthy

3. This woman was mansplained how much of the tampon actually goes into the vagina:


#stitch with @tblizzy that time a man tried to sl*t shame me over a tampon #fyp #YouGotThis #Yellow #exprESSIEyourself #MicellarRewind #mansplaining

♬ original sound - Koko

4. This woman — an attorney — was mansplained the difference between an attorney and a paralegal:

5. This woman was mansplained her own family's sports legacy:

6. This woman was mansplained how pregnancy trimesters work:

7. This woman was mansplained how economic structures aren't...actual structures:

8. This woman — a NICU nurse — was mansplained how to properly breastfeed:

9. This woman — a college professor — was mansplained the definition of one of the words she used in her own lecture:

10. This woman was mansplained the difference between diesel and gas:

11. This woman — an IT professional — was mansplained how an IP address works:

12. This woman was mansplained her serious medical symptoms:

13. This woman was mansplained why catcalling is a thing:


#stictch with @tblizzy and he had so much confidence with it too #fyp #foryou #moremansplaining #men #women #catcall

♬ original sound - Tyra Blizzard

14. This woman was mansplained the difference between a lemon and a lime:


#stitch with @tblizzy not my usual harry potter content, but i wanted to join the trend. new pov tmrw! #fyp #ThatWitch #FallDIY #moremansplaining

♬ original sound - lahneeヽ(´▽`)/

15. This woman was mansplained what a deadbolt is:


#stitch with @tblizzy deadbolt? more like deadBROlt ha ha #moremansplaining

♬ original sound - not Jamie

16. And finally, this woman was mansplained how to pronounce her own name:

I think we can all agree that if there's something men always seem to's the audacity.

Do you have your own wild mansplaining experience to share? Drop it in the comments below! You can also follow Tyra on TikTok and YouTube, and check out her clothing line, Controversial Apparel.