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Someone Who Snuck Their Dog Into The House Every Night, A Person Who Drops Tennis Balls From The Heavens, And 13 More Wholesome Confessions That Are Just Too Cute

More like these, please.

If you've ever perused the r/confession thread on Reddit, you know it can get pretty scandalous and juicy. But other times, it's just very sweet and wholesome! Here are some examples that just might make your heart grow 17 sizes:

1. This boyfriend who's lying to his girlfriend for the sweetest reason ever:

2. This cat owner who deceives all of his house guests for the greater good:

3. This therapist who's clearly amazing at their job:

4. This girlfriend who revealed a secret so cute, it actually brought tears to my eyes:

5. This person who confessed to the sins of their past and made good on them years later:

6. This person who's keeping up the ruse just so their S.O. can feel like a meme king:

7. This parent who's secretly fueling their child's reading addiction 🥺:

8. And this parent who wholeheartedly supported their kid's passion for tomatoes:

9. This sweet soul who knows the true meaning of friendship:

10. This person who went to great lengths to secretly gift his coworker a new pair of shoes:

11. This angel who's spent literal years helping her partner beat his beloved video games:

12. This "secret kid" I hope never grows up:

13. This pure, kindhearted genius who delivers tennis balls from the heavens above:

14. This fella who thought he was being slick with his good deed, but got caught redhanded:

15. And finally, this person who secretly turned their outside dog into an inside dog for years and years:

Do you have any wholesome confessions to make? Share 'em in the comments!!!