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What's The Wildest Thing You Did In Las Vegas?

Vegas, baby.

When it comes to cities that are basically dedicated to partying and crazy antics, Las Vegas (for many reasons) tends to be the one that springs to mind.

So please, tell us: What's your wildest/weirdest/funniest/most debaucherous Vegas story?

Perhaps you made the totally sober decision to marry a complete stranger at 4 a.m.

Or perhaps you were one of the lucky few who actually hit the jackpot, and you used the winnings to pay for the most extravagant weekend of your life.

Or perhaps you spent the whole trip looking for your friend who mysteriously went missing after a wild night of partying, but it turns out they were on the hotel roof the entire time.*

What happens in Vegas doesn't need to stay in Vegas anymore! Share you WILDEST story in detail in the comments below for the chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.