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18 Jokes About College That Prove It's Pretty Much The Same As High School

"That won't fly in college."

1. When it comes to papers:

High school teachers: You are to write about the use of the color yellow in The Great Gatsby. If it's less than 10 pages I will CALL THE COPS. College profs: Write about an entire religion. I don't even care which one but if you make me read more than 3 pages I will end my shit.

2. When it comes to what you call your instructors:

High school (Teacher who barely got through school and managed to get a teaching degree): my name is Ms. Johnson and you will call me as such College (Professor who is a top individual in their field with multiple degrees, maybe a PHD): hey guys what's up my name's Matt

3. When it comes to learning about your instructors' personal lives:

half of college professors are like “you can know nothing about me except my name” and the other half are like “and that’s why my wife left me! anyway what’s up with y’all”

4. When it comes to how strict they are:

Hs teachers: “you have to be professional in college, your professors aren’t going to put up with anything” College professor: “do you guys mind if we keep the lights off for class today I’m hungover” *one kid is eating mashed potatoes*

5. When it comes to politics:

high school teacher: i won’t tell you who i voted for college professor: i can’t afford my girlfriend’s abortion under our new healthcare

6. When it comes to professionalism:

high school teachers: “this stuff won’t fly in college, you need to be more professional” college professors:

7. When it comes to late work:

hs teachers: your college professors will not accept late work! college professors:

8. When it comes to extra credit:

teachers in high school: "extra credit doesn't exist in college and you will die" actual college professors: "make a hand turkey and show me for bonus points"

9. When it comes to leaving early:

HS teachers: There's still a minute left of class, sit down! College professors: There's 15 mins left, but I'm done teaching so bye.

10. When it comes to canceling class:

High School Teacher: “College is going to be way harder than high school” College Professor: “Class is cancelled bc I don’t want to come”

11. When it comes to parent–teacher conferences:

Imagine having parent teacher conferences in college Mom: how’s my son doing? Prof: I’ve never seen this man in my life

12. When it comes to skipping class:

Ditching school is only fun in high school, in college all I think about when I skip class is how much of a disappointment I am lol

13. When it comes to how many classes you take:

how did i take 7 classes in high school everyday but can barely survive 2 a day in college 😩

14. When it comes to early classes:

8 a.m high school classes and 8 a.m college classes hit totally different 😭

15. When it comes to getting involved on campus:

Me in HS: Ya I’m involved in 13 clubs, I have a 4.0, and I’m on 5 sports teams. Me in College: So good news, I’m passing

16. When it comes to bathrooms:

High school bathroom graffiti: brittneys a hoe!! College bathroom graffiti: Our entire society was founded on racism and misogyny

17. When it comes to springtime:

april in high school: happy, prom planning, minimal stress april in college: crying, 57 assignments due, contemplating dropping out, crying

18. And finally, when it comes to finals:

High school teachers: College isn’t all fun and games Literal Fun Fair for Finals at College:

College, amirite?


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