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    Updated on Jun 4, 2019. Posted on May 31, 2019

    19 Of The Absolute Funniest Tweets About The Scripps 2019 National Spelling Bee

    It was a wild one, with an EIGHT-WAY TIE for the big win.

    If you missed this year's Scripps National Spelling Bee, you missed a heck of a ride, partner.


    Because this year, instead of crowning one winner, the prestigious bee crowned eight. You read that right. EIGHT. WINNERS!!!

    Alex Wong / Getty Images

    Why? Because these brilliant, glowing children spelled so perfectly that the committee literally RAN OUT OF WORDS. These kids beat the ACTUAL DICTIONARY.

    ESPN / Via

    Naturally, the jokes were flying. Here are the best tweets:


    *accidently leans on keyboard* #SpellingBee


    Me explaining my love of the #SpellingBee to Everyone everyone at work: at work:


    Shotout to this guy in the audience at the #spellingbee tonight who's just as confused as all of us with some of these words


    I can’t even spell that with the word on the screen #spellingbee


    Me yelling at the #spellingbee announcer all night


    Oh my god Simone’s bougie parents talking about how she needs bee-themed outfits that aren’t “commercially available.” Adopt me cowards #spellingbee


    When you trying to win the #SpellingBee but the 🔥🔥 drops.


    These kids are spelling Logudorese with ease. Meanwhile, I'm giggling cause it looks like he's wearing a funny hat. #spellingbee


    Yo, this girl spelled choledoch, took an eternity to spell it, paused on the last 'H' before absolutely nailing it and I'm screaming at my TV. This is better than 93% of the #NBA regular season. #SpellingBee


    I know when that huanglongbing...#spellingbee


    “Can you use it in a sentence?” “Sure. Yiddishkeit is geshmak.” #SpellingBee


    #SpellingBee Me, An Intellectual Judge: "Your word is dog" Me: "Can you use it in a sentence?" Judge: "It's a no from me, dog" Me: "Dawg. D-A-W-G" Judge:


    A white girl from Alabama tied for first place in the #spellingbee so never give up on your dreams.


    I would have made these kids spell words all night long. Stage just littered with Monster cans and Skittles bags. No bathroom breaks. Just a lawless test of survival. Now that would be a spelling bee.


    This is the most electric kid I’ve ever seen. My goodness. Had the spelling bee girls dripping in the aisles


    Simone is straight flexin on em #SpellingBee 🐝


    [CLOSED CAPTIONER QUITS JOB.] #spellingbee


    YOOOOO LETS FUCKING GO. All 8 kids passed the 20th round and are co-champions. First time ever they have more than 1 champ and I'm about to yeet myself out of this plane. I just got drunk while watched 2 hours of a historic #spellingbee and holy shit was it great.


    Me, right now, watching this. #spellingbee

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