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    Updated on Jun 11, 2020. Posted on Jun 1, 2020

    21 Outfits From "The O.C." That Are So 2000s It Actually Hurts

    So many shrugs and skinny scarves.

    1. Summer's long-sleeved dress and blue eyeshadow from the pilot.


    This look was part of a fashion show. A fashion show!

    2. Marissa's polo and paisley skirt:


    At least she didn't pop the collar.

    3. Summer's bandana, pink halter, and hoop earrings:


    She was ready to party in TJ and didn't care who knew it!

    4. Literally all of Anna's messenger-boy caps:


    I had one of these in fifth grade and thought it was the peak of fashion.

    5. Alex's hair pouf, complete with a bright purple streak:


    We didn't know it, but this walked so Snooki could fly.

    6. Marissa's rainbow-striped hoodie, jean skirt, and pointed-flats combo:


    I guess she was dressing for a fair, so it kinda worked???

    7. Summer's mustard-yellow Juicy tracksuit that was PEAK 2000s loungewear:


    NGL, I would've donated a kidney to own one of these.

    8. And also, Julie Cooper's baby-pink Juicy tracksuit that paved the way for Regina George's mom in Mean Girls:


    She's wasn't a regular mom, she was a cool mom.

    9. All of the VESTS happening here:


    Vests truly meant you were doing something right in the 2000s.

    10. Marissa's tweed, orange, puffy-sleeved blazer with matching cami and giant brown bag:


    She wore this out in public.

    11. Speaking of blazers, Anna's white blazer over a "Texas Is for Lovers" T-shirt, complete with checkered cuff.


    Rocking checkered print during the 2000s automatically meant you were ~edgy~.

    12. Summer's lingerie tank top with super-long macramé necklace and...whatever Marissa had going on over there.


    Girls' night out, amirite?

    13. Marissa's silk halter top and cargo pants:


    Party on the top, army on the bottom.

    14. Summer's crocheted bathing suit and jean skirt:


    Did we really expect everyone to believe we just sat around knitting bikinis all day?

    15. Marissa's microscopic pink scarf:


    Why did we let our necks freeze in the name of fashion? WHY???

    16. Anytime Taylor decided to tie a sweater around her shoulders.


    Nothing said, "I'm preppy and cutesy and smart" more than this move.

    17. Summer's and Marissa's prom looks that I once thought were so elegant but now seem...questionable at best:


    How did we ever think that brown and cream were a good color combo for eveningwear? And don't even get me started on those scrunchie flowers.

    18. Marissa's cowl-neck top and ruffly pink miniskirt:


    Low-rise bottoms were a crime and we all know it. They also caused all of our shirts to be really, reeeeallly long.

    19. Seth's and Anna's golf outfits:


    So!!! Much!!! Argyle!!!

    20. Marissa's brown cami that basically said, "You know what this needs? A blue belt wrapped around the shoulders."


    SHE may've been being sarcastic, but this look was NOT.

    21. And finally, Marissa's teeny-tiny crocheted shrug and yellow top with turquoise trim:


    Our necks may have been left out in the cold, but never our shoulders!

    Ahhh, the tacky 2000s, forever in our hearts...just like The O.C.!

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