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    15 Screenshots That Prove Student Loans Are Just One Big Scam


    1. Remember, consistency is key when "paying off" your student loans:

    2. And with all the money you pay, you can rest easy that you're going to receive some GREAT service in return:

    3. If by any chance you ever overpay, don't worry, they gotchu:

    4. Some repayment companies even treat your student loans like a game — because to them, it is:

    5. It only takes decades to accomplish, NBD:

    6. And even when you're THIS CLOSE to finally paying it off, they'll keep trying to suck you dry:

    7. Don't worry, your credit also will suffer from paying them off too:

    8. Auto-payments are essentially rigged against you (how fun!):

    9. And no matter how much you try to forget about your student loans, for even a minute, they're always there:

    10. Not sure how to get out of debt? Lay your body on the line for the military:

    11. Or, go on a dystopian game show like they do in the Hunger Games:

    12. Truly, anyone can do it — so long as you have tons of generational wealth and privilege:

    An article about how a woman paid off her student loans but taking a job with her mom's company, being gifted a condo so she paid no rent, and eventually renting out the condo for extra income
    Business Insider

    13. Don't worry, you'll pay them off eventually — and by "eventually," I mean "never":

    14. And, no matter how much you try to make other people understand, there will always be a Karen bragging about how SHE managed to pay for school...when going to class cost $10:

    15. In conclusion:

    h/t: r/ABoringDystopia, r/mildlyinfuriating, r/facepalm