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    19 Signs That Are Actually Way Funnier Than You, Sorry

    Only read if you're fluent in sarcasm.

    1. How do I book my first class?

    2. Damn, didn't expect things to get so real, but here we are:

    3. Oh god, I've already broken the rules:

    4. So...for an hour we're all good?

    5. This sign was not afraid to go there, so it went there:

    6. I mean, not a terrible idea to get people to cooperate!!!

    7. The seagulls don't work for them; what more can they do?

    8. Pure, unadulterated FACTS:

    9. *Sniffles* Okay, if you say so...

    10. They're probably not wrong:

    11. Bless this sign for putting social distancing in terms we can all understand:

    12. The poor donuts!!!

    13. TBH, SAME:

    14. I mean, they've got a point:

    15. I hope Roger's looking down on this and chuckling:

    16. The job market in a nutshell:

    17. I, too, would not like to be played:

    18. Show me the lies; there are none:

    19. And finally, this sign took savagery to a whole new level, and I am so, so here for it:

    H/T: r/funnysigns.

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