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    16 Roommates I'd Absolutely Hate To Live With, And 16 I'd Wanna Keep On The Lease Until The End Of Time

    They can be your bestie or your very worst enemy.

    1. This roommate decided that instead of doing dishes, they'd just throw the whole kitchen away:

    2. This roommate, on the other hand, saw their brethren struggling and wrote them a little "feel better letter":

    3. This roommate claimed they came up with a life hack, but in reality just made everyone else's life harder:

    4. Meanwhile, this roommate went to great lengths to make sure his roomie was having a good time on his date:

    5. This roommate couldn't even grab a banana normally:

    6. This roommate couldn't help but constantly HOOK. IT. UP:

    7. This roommate moved out without even picking up a single piece of trash in their disgusting bathroom:

    8. On the flip side, this roommate noticed that their roomie was struggling, so they cleaned their entire room and bathroom to help ease some stress:

    9. This roommate left cigarette butts literally EVERYWHERE:

    10. But this roommate simply left a nice little card for their roomie who recently had dental surgery:

    11. This roommate destroyed some communal pans and probably didn't even apologize:

    12. This roommate broke a mop and immediately owned up to it, and even bought a new one:

    13. This roommate clearly didn't care about anyone else in the bathroom/house:

    14. Meanwhile, this roommate cared so much for others that he even thought to help out the birds in their front yard:

    15. This roommate disrespected their roomie's art and just hoped they wouldn't notice:

    16. This roommate not only appreciated their roomie's singing, but also rejoiced that they'd started to feel better:

    17. This roommate made this classic, lazy-ass move:

    18. This roommate, on the other hand, helped their roomie turn a quarter-century in the best way:

    19. This roommate ate all but three jelly beans and thought that made it OK:

    20. This roommate drank a little bit of milk and proceeded to write an entire essay apologizing, explaining, and thanking:

    21. This roommate forgot to turn the sink off and caused a cute little flood:

    22. And this roommate created a nice lil' evening to help their roomie through some hard times:

    23. This roommate gave their roomie the gift of washing a hunk of old, wet, nasty peanut butter:

    24. This roommate gifted their roomie a banner and streamers to help make their COVID-19 infection a little less lonely and a little more festive:

    25. This roommate wanted a snack and, in turn, chose chaos:

    26. This roommate, on the other hand, wanted to show their appreciation and, in turn, baked a lovely cake:

    27. This roommate ignored his responsibilities so much that his fellow housemate created a game out of it:

    28. This (former) roommate decided to check in on their old pal just to make sure they were OK:

    29. These roommates clearly only opened the fridge once a month:

    30. This (former) roommate proved that no matter how much time or distance passed, they'd still be cheering from the sidelines:

    31. And finally, this roommate decided to put their roomie's life in danger during a global pandemic, and then was passive-aggressive about it to boot:

    32. While this roommate offered — completely unprompted — to help cover rent until their roomie got back on their feet.

    Roommates: a blessing, a curse...maybe both?