21 Photos That Prove Heck Is Real, And We're Living In It

    Things are bad, but not too bad.

    Welcome to Heck, where:

    1. Toilet paper looks like this.

    2. Erasers don't really erase.

    3. Toilets freeze and then break right off.

    4. The "Door Close" button in elevators is just an illusion.

    5. And so is this swimming pool.

    6. Scratching posts mean nothing.

    7. Deodorant is always doomed to eventually fall out of its holder.

    8. Sales involve markdowns of literally one cent.

    9. Charging your phone always leads to this.

    10. Finding a seat at your airport gate is a no-go.

    11. This is the door you need to go through in order to get home.

    12. You can never remember what you already have at the store so you just buy the same things over and over and over.

    13. People would rather die than refill an ice cube tray.

    14. You can forget about backing out of your own driveway.

    15. Having the wheels stolen off your car doesn't protect you from getting a parking ticket.

    16. Trying to swat a fly only leads to more problems.

    17. People don't follow directions.

    18. Wasps make their nests out of bottles of wasp poison.

    19. You need approximately two adapters and 80 cords in order to do shit with your laptop.

    20. Portions are a big lie.

    21. And what you need to pass still isn't enough to pass.