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    21 Photos That Prove Heck Is Real, And We're Living In It

    Things are bad, but not too bad.

    Welcome to Heck, where:

    1. Toilet paper looks like this.

    Qweezychicken / Via

    2. Erasers don't really erase.

    ByTheWayGiveItAway / Via

    3. Toilets freeze and then break right off.

    SomeoneStopMePlease / Via

    4. The "Door Close" button in elevators is just an illusion.

    rsapolsky / Via

    5. And so is this swimming pool.

    scrane122 / Via

    6. Scratching posts mean nothing.

    CricketMeson / Via

    7. Deodorant is always doomed to eventually fall out of its holder.

    ForgetfulFrolicker / Via

    8. Sales involve markdowns of literally one cent.

    Mons2k / Via

    9. Charging your phone always leads to this.

    god_eater_101 / Via

    10. Finding a seat at your airport gate is a no-go.

    zarosen19 / Via

    11. This is the door you need to go through in order to get home.

    swimingle / Via

    12. You can never remember what you already have at the store so you just buy the same things over and over and over.

    thephillyberto / Via

    13. People would rather die than refill an ice cube tray.

    Canisteo99 / Via

    14. You can forget about backing out of your own driveway.

    Caboose4life / Via

    15. Having the wheels stolen off your car doesn't protect you from getting a parking ticket.

    clearedtoland22 / Via

    16. Trying to swat a fly only leads to more problems.

    TheGreatBugle / Via

    17. People don't follow directions.

    GummybearGoddess / Via

    18. Wasps make their nests out of bottles of wasp poison.

    kabdelgaber / Via

    19. You need approximately two adapters and 80 cords in order to do shit with your laptop.

    Heaven_Is_Falling / Via

    20. Portions are a big lie.

    TicketOak23 / Via

    21. And what you need to pass still isn't enough to pass.

    hannic95 / Via


    StopTouchingMyButt / Via