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    17 People Who Woke Up One Day And Chose Extreme Pettiness

    All of this is off the charts.

    1. This secretary who decided they weren't gonna go quietly:

    2. This painter who didn't get paid and left this cute little note:

    3. This person who decided revenge is a dish best served miniature:

    4. These liquor store employees who basically said, "None for you":

    5. This person probably also buried the key:

    6. This husband who made damn sure his feelings were known:

    7. This person who made her ex eat (or should I say wear) his words:

    8. This person who made sure that even aliens knew how much of an ass their neighbor was:

    9. This person who made sure to scold all the non-believers from beyond the grave:

    10. And this person who's still calling out poor Andy a hundred years later:

    11. This person who decided to make their ex's life an inconvenient little hell:

    12. This person who left a loving gift for their stealing neighbor:

    13. This person who decided they'd stop at nothing to make a point:

    14. These neighbors who weren't about to let anyone else taste their precious limes:

    15. These McDonald's employees who decided to hit the competition where it hurts:

    16. This person shoveled themself a path and not an inch more:

    17. And finally, this person who paid actual money to let everyone know just how much they hate AT&T:

    H/T: r/wellthatsucks and r/funny

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