People Are Sharing How They Discovered Their Partner Was Cheating, And My Mouth Is Still Agape

    A little advice: Just don't cheat on people.

    People are sharing how they discovered their partners were cheating, and some are wild, while others are straight-up heartbreaking.

    Redditor u/Johnnybrar kicked it all off when they asked, "People who have been cheated on, how did you find out?" Here are some of the top-voted (yet very sad) responses:

    1. "We were out on a date when she got a phone call. Her fiancé had just been in a terrible motorcycle accident and died. We'd been dating for about eight months at that point and never talked again."

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    2. "An undeleted photo on their phone one month after our wedding. Then confessions came flooding in."


    3. "I came home from class early and found her having sex with my roommate on the couch in the middle of the day."


    4. "The phone bill. 700+ text messages back and forth with the same number."


    5. "You know how Facebook chat bubbles open up on top of whatever app you're using? He sent me a screenshot of a funny conversation between him and his cousin. The screenshot also had a text message about a date he was going on with another girl."

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    6. "His friend was kind enough to tell me. It ruined their relationship, but it was very meaningful to me. I appreciated someone doing me the kindness of letting me know."


    7. "He made out with my best friend at the time right in front of me. It was surreal and totally unprompted. They just went for it out of nowhere."


    8. "He told me his grandfather had passed, so he needed to leave to be with his family. He then posted, 'My love, my life,' on a New Year's Eve photo of him with with his girlfriend of one year...who wasn't me. His grandpa was FINE."

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    9. "He got arrested after her mom came home early. He was 23, and she was 16."


    10. "His brother told me. I found out that the car accident he'd been in a year earlier was as bad as it was because he was in the back seat getting a blowjob when they got into the accident."


    11. "I found a sexually explicit love letter that was not from me. We'd been married for 15 years."

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    12. "My wife told me she was driving to Pittsburgh from our home in Virginia to see an old mutual friend of ours. I knew she had a 'friend' that I was suspicious about that lived a bit farther north in New York, but it wasn't until I got a call from my bank asking to confirm the charges that I realized not only had she gone straight to New York, but none of the charges on the card were for a hotel."


    13. "She FaceTimed me, and I saw she that had a hicky on her neck."


    14. "She fell asleep looking at screenshots of her sexting while I was in the room with her."

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    15. "My ex-wife directed me to a drawer full of love letters. I'm pretty sure she wanted me to find them. We were sleeping in separate rooms and going through counseling. It was her way of saying the marriage couldn't be fixed. She'd been having affairs for years. I was oblivious because of my job."


    16. "Another woman texted me and asked if I was single, because she'd seen my girlfriend making out with someone else at a party."


    17. "We broke up, and I made a new friend. She asked if I had a boyfriend, and I told her we had just ended the relationship, but I also told her his name, to which she replied, 'I had a boyfriend with that name too not too long ago!' It wasn’t a common name in our area, so I laughed and I showed her a picture and she did the same, and we stopped laughing. It was the same guy. We both dated him for around four months, and two of those at the same time."

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    Do you have a wild story about how you discovered your partner was cheating? Share it in the comments while I recover from these.