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People Are Pranking Their S.O.'s By Telling Them They "Could've Been Nicer," And The Reactions Are Making Me Chortle

"I've hardly seen you today!"

Who doesn't love a harmless prank every now and then? Well, people on TikTok have started pranking their S.O.'s by telling them "I feel like you could've been nicer to me today" and capturing their reactions. And I've gotta say, they really deliver.


This one is just too pure:


Tried the “I feel like you could have been nicer to me today” challenge on my boyfriend 😂🥺

♬ original sound - okmidd
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This one makes a very valid point:


Wait...just pause your workout while I tell you that you could have been nicer to me today... #newtrend #relatable #nicertome #react #reaction

♬ original sound - georgieandzac
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This one just isn't having it:


You could have been nicer to me trend on husband. #trend #new_trending #foryou

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This one defends their case:


Telling him he could have been nicer to me this morning #comebacks #Kolors #nicertopeople

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This one has the ultimate clap back:


Tried the “you coulda been nicer to me” challenge and his answer could not have been more REASONABLE 😤 @ianpaget_ #fyp #boyfriends #couplechallenge

♬ Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley
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And this one gets up to give their person a hug right after 😭:


Tried the “you could have been nicer to me” challenge. He walked over and gave me a hug after 😂😭 #husband #nicertome #couples #fyp

♬ original sound - gennalmarie
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Personally, I can't stop watching these. Do yourself a favor and look up the "You Could've Been Nicer to Me" Challenge on TikTok if you're in need of some good, wholesome entertainment today!