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    17 Times "Nice Guys" Proved They're Actually, In Fact, Complete Trash

    What did we do to get so lucky???

    Warning: This post contains violent, misogynistic language that, unfortunately, many women deal with on a regular basis. Read at your own discretion.

    1. This nice guy who "just got mad ❤️":

    Multiple personality disorder from niceguys

    2. This nice guy who really has his love life figured out:

    Found scrolling, aot really didn’t need this shit. from niceguys

    3. This nice guy who decided to wish death upon a woman he's never even met:

    I forgot to censor his name so here’s a repost of the guy my girlfriend has never met or talked to!🤣 from niceguys

    4. This nice guy who really thought his being told to respect women was on the same level as racism:

    Responding to a post that says ‘Educate your son’ from niceguys

    5. Also, this nice guy who thinks not wanting to hang out with him is a form of prejudice:

    If you get a bad feeling about someone and don't want to interact with them it's... Prejudice? from niceguys

    6. This nice guy who can't for the life of him understand why men without kids would date single mothers:

    Thought this was a nicegirl posting this. But nope, it's a bloke... weird. from niceguys

    7. This nice guy who really asked for nudes in the most poetic way possible:

    How to ask nudes without sounding like a douchebag from niceguys

    8. This nice guy who changed his tune real quick:

    the message from ‘yesterday’ was minutes before midnight on NYE. the second snap is me kissing a guy lol so upsetti spaghetti from niceguys

    9. This nice guy who really accused women of only viewing men as a "utility" and then in the same breath talked about how men use women for sex:

    On a post about how men beg for sex and then call the girl a hoe. from niceguys

    10. This nice guy who absolutely lost it when his date said she didn't feel comfortable with him picking her up:

    We planned to meet Friday when I felt better, but Wednesday my cars brake pads went and I didn’t feel comfortable meeting irl with him picking me up from niceguys

    11. This nice guy who's probably been single for eight years FOR A REASON:

    This happens at least once a week from niceguys

    12. This nice guy who just HAD to let the group chat know how nice he is:

    A guy popped outta nowhere in our group chat and dropped this, chats been silent for 6 minutes and counting from niceguys

    13. This nice guy who thinks women deserve domestic violence:

    "They deserve it, they should date me instead. I'm a NiCe GuY" from niceguys

    14. This nice guy who took zero responses for whole three months as a sign to keep going:

    A friend of mine just posted this "wonderful" interaction she had on a dating site. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 from niceguys

    15. This nice guy who thinks you're worth nothing but should date him anyway:

    Taking bets on how long before he calls any given woman the C word! How long do you wanna bet folks!? from niceguys

    16. This nice guy who wanted acknowledgment for how nice he is:

    i asked you how you’re doing, don’t you see how nice i am?? from niceguys

    17. And finally, this nice guy who decided it might be time to retire — thank god:

    Br uh from niceguys

    H/T: r/niceguys

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