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    17 Times "Nice Guys" Proved They're Actually, In Fact, Complete Trash

    What did we do to get so lucky???

    Warning: This post contains violent, misogynistic language that, unfortunately, many women deal with on a regular basis. Read at your own discretion.

    1. This nice guy who "just got mad ❤️":

    2. This nice guy who really has his love life figured out:

    3. This nice guy who decided to wish death upon a woman he's never even met:

    4. This nice guy who really thought his being told to respect women was on the same level as racism:

    5. Also, this nice guy who thinks not wanting to hang out with him is a form of prejudice:

    6. This nice guy who can't for the life of him understand why men without kids would date single mothers:

    7. This nice guy who really asked for nudes in the most poetic way possible:

    8. This nice guy who changed his tune real quick:

    9. This nice guy who really accused women of only viewing men as a "utility" and then in the same breath talked about how men use women for sex:

    10. This nice guy who absolutely lost it when his date said she didn't feel comfortable with him picking her up:

    11. This nice guy who's probably been single for eight years FOR A REASON:

    12. This nice guy who just HAD to let the group chat know how nice he is:

    13. This nice guy who thinks women deserve domestic violence:

    14. This nice guy who took zero responses for whole three months as a sign to keep going:

    15. This nice guy who thinks you're worth nothing but should date him anyway:

    16. This nice guy who wanted acknowledgment for how nice he is:

    17. And finally, this nice guy who decided it might be time to retire — thank god:

    H/T: r/niceguys