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    This YouTuber Just Shared How Much Money He Actually Makes And People Are Commending His Honesty

    Should I...make a YouTube channel?

    We've all seen a YouTube video, and I feel like we all kinda know that successful creators on the platform make quite a bit of money — we just don't know HOW MUCH.

    Well, real estate investor and YouTuber Graham Stephan just shared this TikTok explaining how much he makes from his content, and let's just say, it's A LOT*.

    *Graham currently has 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, so his income is very relative to the size of his following.

    In the TikTok, Graham takes it upon himself to show us peasants the nitty gritty of his YouTube analytics, where he explains that the viewership of his videos ranges from about 200k–500k, with obvious spikes and dips.

    Graham's viewership on August 6, 2020: 297,477

    Then, he shows how those views translate into revenue per day, which averages about $4,000–$7,000 per day, with the occasional "really good day" where he makes up to 11K in one day.

    How much does that mean Graham makes in a year? Oh, about 1.9 MILLION DOLLARS.

    And how much money has he made since the start of his YouTube channel? Just over 3 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

    Meanwhile, I'm over here debating if I can afford to treat myself and order Postmates for lunch today.

    Graham's TikTok already has over 10 millions views, and people have plenty to say in the comments. Some commended him for being so open and honest about his income, and others (like me) are absolutely gobsmacked by the amount. Some are even like, "dang, maybe I need to get on YouTube."

    I love when people are open about how much they make, its really interesting

    But before you start brainstorming a YouTube handle, Graham also shared a followup TikTok where he explained that he wasn't always raking it in. In fact, when his follower count was lower, he made close to nothing.

    See? Pretty rough.

    The bottom line? YouTubers can make a ton of money. Like...oh my god...A TON OF MONEY.

    However, it's super dependent on the number of subscribers you have. It can also vary based on the type of content you make. For example, Graham makes real estate content, which probably brings in a different amount of revenue than, say, makeup content. Plus, there's the issue of shadowbanning, which YouTube has been accused of doing regularly and can often be pretty discriminatory.

    So, yeah! Hope we all learned something today. Time for me to go back to my day job.