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    15 Screenshots Of People In MLMs Getting Called Out That'll Be Cathartic If You've Ever Been Hit With The Dreaded "Hey, Girl!"

    "Hun you got the wrong person, I'm a hairstylist."

    In case you didn't know, a multilevel marketing company (aka an MLM) is a company that emphasizes both direct sales and recruiting other people to join the company and work under you so you can also receive a percentage of profit from the inventory they buy and sell.

    MLMs have been around for decades. One of the most well-known MLMs is LuLaRoe, a leggings company that has had a ton of scandals in recent years and ultimately had to pay over $4 million to settle a lawsuit that claimed it was running a pyramid scheme*. But trust me, there are plenty of others out there!

    Because of the pressure MLMs place on their reps to sell inventory and recruit more people, marketing tactics can sometimes be...a lot. And sometimes, people call them out on it. Here are some examples:

    1. When this person got a pitch from an MLM'er, saw their chance, and took it:

    Person responded to an MLM pitch with several screenshots of The Office showing a triangle drawn on a board

    2. When this MLM sales rep posted about wanting more product for their birthday, and a commenter said, "Actually, no, you don't":

    Person says they want everything from Monat and Figs, and someone says "Monat made my hair break off and fall out"

    3. When this person clocked the oldest trick in the book and didn't waste any time calling it out:

    Person responds to Facebook post asking what you would do if $1,500 was deposited into your Cash App with, "What MLM do you represent?"

    4. When this person got a message from an MLM'er and decided to flip the script:

    In response to text asking if they can copy/paste a post on their wall and they'll be entered in a $500 giveaway with "I think your account has been hacked because this is definitely an MLM script"

    5. When an MLM'er tried to sell their products under the guise of a "tea shop," and this Good Samaritan was having NONE of it:

    In response to question about liking Herbalife, they replied they figured it wasn't a real small business but a small wing of a massive pyramid scheme, and the person must've bought a massive amount of it that they couldn't get rid of

    6. When this MLM'er refused to pay the people they hired to work in their "tea shop," so the (former) employees posted the receipts showing their shady behavior:

    Text saying "the girls" were fired because they asked to be paid and it's always been very hard to get paid by the tea lady, and some girls were recruited and let go shortly after they bought their expensive kits
    Person asks to be paid before working Saturday, and then they're told they're not working Saturday because their attitude is "very hateful"

    7. When this person faced pushback from an MLM about canceling their subscription, so they brought out the big guns:


    9. When this person summed up in just six short words how we all feel when we receive these kinds of messages:

    10. When this MLM'er tried to pitch their hair products to a professional hairstylist and got more than they bargained for:

    Hairstylist tells them that Monat is a predatory MLM that preys on underprivileged women and is also "complete garbage for hair and skin"
    Hairstylist goes on to say that the clinical trials were funded by Monat and are the results of lawsuits for baldness, and the products still contain allergens that are irritating and damaging to the scalp and hair
    Hairstylist tells MLM'er to step out of the bubble and do their own research and they sound "extremely inauthentic" because "every single one of you follows the same script"

    11. When this potential MLM rep's OWN GRANDMA had absolutely no shame about protecting them from joining:

    About coaching Beachbody, Grandma saying that everyone should check it out carefully because it's a pyramid scam and will cost you money, and did you know you can get all the Beachbody workout for free?

    12. When this commenter kept it short, sweet, and effective.

    Question: Would you spend $200 to make $500 per month for the next year? Response: Depends — not for a pyramid scheme

    13. When this MLM'er spewed some misinformation about folic acid and folate, but someone did a quick search on the CDC's website and set them straight:

    Text claiming that you don't need folic acid in pregnancy and it's actually a synthetic form of folate, so they're ditching their prenatals for synthetic free supplements, Super B

    Here's what the CDC says about folic acid and folate:

    "Folic acid" and "folate" are often used interchangeably, but "folate" is a general term for many forms of vitamin B9
    "Supplements containing forms of folate other than folic acid shouldn't be confused with the natural food folate found in fruits and vegetables; the effectiveness of these supplements in preventing neural tube defects has not been studied"

    14. When this MLM'er messaged the WRONG person, and that person rightly let them know:

    Person offers to send them plant-based drink Plexus, and response is, "Thanks, but I am recovered from an eating disorder and don't want to do anything that is associated with dieting or detoxing"

    15. When this MLM'er clearly friend-requested someone just to sell to them, but that person immediately saw right through the BS:

    MLM'er asks about person they knew in high school and is asked if they're just trying to connect to sell the person something, and they say no, they love making new friends and only post "to give others encouragement, never to sell"
    Person says they don't believe that and it's "super random" to add them out of nowhere, and Optavia is "super iffy," and MLM'er says they had no intention of trying to sell anything, but they can unfriend them and they won't be offended

    16. And when this MLM'er was wholly unprepared for this person to pull the ol' Uno reverse card on them:

    MLM'er asks if person can post for them and they're giving away $1,500, and person responds with a detailed list of their marketing rates for posts and they require payment up front

    Do you have any stories or experiences involving MLMs? Tell us in the comments!

    H/T: r/antiMLM.