15 Screenshots Of MLM Girlies Getting Called Out On Their BS, And You'll Fully Appreciate This If You've Ever Gotten The "Hey, Hun!" DM

    "Surgery was a success, aside from the nurse trying to sell me on a pyramid scheme while I was wasted on anesthesia."

    In case you didn't know, a multilevel marketing company (aka an MLM) is a company that emphasizes both direct sales and recruiting other people to join the company and work under you so you can also receive a percentage of profit from the inventory they buy and sell.

    MLMs have been around for what feels like forever. One of the most well-known MLMs is LuLaRoe, a leggings company that has had a ton of scandals in recent years and ultimately had to pay over $4 million to settle a lawsuit that claimed it was running a pyramid scheme*. But trust me, there are plenty of others out there!

    Because of the pressure MLMs place on their reps to sell inventory and recruit more people, marketing tactics can sometimes be...a lot. And because of that, people sometimes call them out on it. Here's proof:

    1. When this MLM'er and alleged hairstylist tried to make a sales pitch and this person was NOT having it:

    Screenshot of a text exchange

    2. When this MLM'er forgot to delete *insert name here* and also conveniently forgot that they'd bullied this person in high school:

    Screenshot of a text exchange
    Screenshot of a text exchange

    3. When this person got a message from an MLM'er and let the articles do the talking:

    Screenshot of a text exchange
    Screenshot of a text exchange
    Screenshot of a text exchange

    4. When this MLM'er posted this...

    "The initial investment is as little as $320"

    ...and got absolutely eviscerated by this person in the comments:

    Screenshot of a social media comment

    5. When this person asked a very valid question:

    Screenshot of a social media post

    6. When this person stopped the consultant train right in its tracks:

    "Anyone here have connections?"
    "products are awful and their business model is a pyramid scheme."
    Screenshot of social media comments

    7. When this coffee shop got real tired of MLM'ers scaring off their customers, so they took matters into their own hands:

    "If you are associated with any kind of MLM and you approach any of our customers you will be asked to leave. thank you"

    8. When this person called out their doctor's office for shilling MLM products:

    Screenshot of a social media post

    9. When this person called out a nurse for trying to pitch them an MLM as they were WAKING UP FROM SURGERY:

    Screenshot of someone's social media post

    10. When this person inadvertently roasted their cousin for posting spammy MLM content by thinking their account got hacked:

    "Hey I think your account may be hacked"

    11. When this person experienced what I can only assume is an extreme HIPAA violation and (rightfully so) put this MLM'er on blast about it:

    Screenshot of a Facebook post

    12. When this person got a sales pitch and managed to say, "get the f*** out of here" in the nicest way possible:

    Screenshot of a text exchange

    13. When even AI wasn't down with the MLM sales model:

    "I am not programmed to participate or promote unethical or potentially fraudulent business practices..."

    14. When an MLM'er refused to share the name of their company and this person saw right through it:

    Screenshot of a text exchange

    15. And finally, when this person kept it short and to the point:

    Screenshot of a text exchange

    H/T: r/antiMLM

    What's the wildest behavior you've seen from people in MLMs? Share it in the comments.