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    This TikToker Just Shared A Medical Bill Secret That Feels "Illegal" But Is Actually 100% True

    RT to save a life.

    TikTok user @420loveontour recently asked, "What's a piece of information that you learned that feels illegal to know?" and then kicked it off by sharing that when she was 14, she learned that the vagina and inside of your cheek are essentially made from the same tissue.

    I couldn't find a reliable source to confirm this, but I did stick my finger in my mouth immediately after watching the TikTok, because y'know, who wouldn't?

    @420loveontour's info is obviously pretty lighthearted, but pretty soon, fellow TikTok user @dollarfor shared his own piece of information that's a bit more serious: It's possible to get your hospital bills forgiven if you make under a certain amount of money.

    In the video, he explains that most hospitals in the US are nonprofits, meaning they have to have a Charity Care Policy, which legally requires them to forgive medical expenses if a patient's income is below a certain amount.

    Raise your hand if you did not know this.

    He then goes on to explain how to check and see if your income matches what's needed to get the bills forgiven, which involves looking up your hospital's financial assistance policy. I chose to look up and confirm the example used in the TikTok, Legacy Health.

    According to Legacy Health's financial assistance policy, they will forgive 100% of your medical bills if you make up to 300% of the US Federal Poverty Level.

    Financial Assistance Sliding Scale

    What does that mean? Well, according to their sliding scale, if you make less than $38,280 per year, they are legally required to forgive 100% of your bills.

    And considering that the average yearly income in the US is just over $48,000, this is definitely something to keep in mind the next time you're saddled with a hefty medical bill that feels out of your control.

    Of course, this is just one example, and every hospital will probably vary in terms of what they'll forgive based on how much you make. But the fact that they're legally required to forgive ANYTHING AT ALL was certainly news to me!

    And yes, it would be nice if we people in the US were like the rest of the world and could be free of the constant fear of crippling medical debt, but until that happens, do with this information as you please.