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    17 Medical Bills From 2022 That Make Me Want To Walk Straight Into The Sea (And Not Call An Ambulance)

    I <3 capitalism.

    1. Welcome to America, where urgent cares are treated like McDonald's:

    2. Need to head to the ER for 20 minutes? That'll be $1,000:

    3. Same goes for 15 minutes:

    4. Pay $125,000, or face death? Hmmm...

    5. Why buy the exact same thing online when you can get it from the hospital for $300 more?

    6. First rule of US healthcare: Never take an ambulance to the hospital...

    7. ...but if you refuse, they're gonna charge you anyway:

    8. Thank god for insurance, right?

    9. Even though...sometimes it does diddly squat:

    10. And if you don't have insurance, enjoy watching your life savings get wiped:

    11. I mean really, REALLY wiped:

    12. But don't worry. If you don't have insurance, there's always gift cards:

    13. Here in the US, nearly every kind of care is billed as something else so they can charge you more (fun!!!):

    14. Try not to get a kidney stone unless you have $10,000 lying around:

    15. Hey, at least the meds we pay hundreds for are TOTALLY worth the money, right?

    16. Tbh, I'd just let the snake bite take me:

    17. Bottom line, just avoid medical care as much as possible...or else:

    Gotta love the good ol' US of A.

    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating, r/ABoringDystopia