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    A Landlord Who Let The Ceiling Cave In, A Landlord Who Waived Rent Indefinitely, And 20 More Renters' Stories I Can't Believe

    I guess they aren't all completely evil...who knew?!

    1. This landlord heard about a pest problem and just said, "eh":

    2. This landlord provided a cozy little treat made with love:

    3. This landlord let the ceiling cave in before even thinking about making a repair:

    4. This landlord subsidized the cost of doing laundry, just because:

    5. This landlord brought lazy property management to a whole new level:

    6. This landlord did what they could to lend a helping hand during the pandemic:

    7. This landlord created this disgusting "wall of shame" that they themselves should be ashamed of:

    8. This landlord made sure all of their tenants felt safe and prepared for an oncoming snow storm:

    9. This landlord didn't care a single iota whether their tenant breathed clean air or not:

    10. This landlord gave their tenant a little surprise to make their morning better:

    11. This landlord left their tenants to bathe in poo water:

    12. This landlord hooked their tenants up with thank-you gifts anytime they helped out with something:

    13. This landlord couldn't even be bothered:

    14. This landlord repaid their tenant's kindness and responsibility with even more kindness:

    15. This landlord finally met a tenant they couldn't scam out of their security deposit, and was truly at a loss:

    16. This landlord spread a little holiday cheer when it was needed:

    17. This landlord claimed they weren't "greedy" or "mean," but I beg to differ:

    18. This landlord canceled a month's worth of rent to help quell some tenants' anxieties during the pandemic:

    19. This landlord really had the audacity to demand food from their tenant:

    20. This landlord really had the foresight and the heart to bring their tenant food and supplies during a time of need:

    21. This landlord really thought $5 was a good enough bribe to get a decent review:

    22. And finally, this landlord pretty much won the Best Person Ever™ award with a single email:

    h/t: r/humansbeingbros, r/mildlyinfuriating, and r/trashy