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15 Screenshots From "Influencers" Guaranteed To Annoy You In 0.5 Seconds

"Exposure" doesn't pay the bills, honey.

1. This influencer with a whopping "500+ followers" who got real snarky when they realized they wouldn't be getting their wedding invites done for free:

2. This influencer who left a negative review because they weren't allowed a 30-cent discount in exchange for a shoutout on Instagram:

3. This influencer who wanted free food because she was apparently far too busy to make it herself:

4. This influencer who thought "telling their friends" on social media was a good trade off for a $1,500 keyboard:

5. This influencer who went on a rant about not having enough followers and engagement:

u/newtron64 / Via
u/newtron64 / Via

6. This influencer who expected a photographer to pay for their own gear and travel, and be on call 24/7 all in the name of ~exposure~:

7. This TikTok influencer who quickly changed their tune once the company explained their collab policy:

8. This influencer who refused to pay even 10 euros for a service and was just flat-out rude:

9. This influencer who wanted massages in exchange for "experiencing Hawaii" (but conveniently didn't mention if they'd be paying for the masseuse's travel):

10. This influencer who wanted to "barter" flowers for their wedding and (rightfully so) got a less-than-pleased response:

11. This influencer who basically wrote a review saying that if they received free stuff from the company, they'd leave an actual review:

12. This influencer with just 1,000 followers who really had the gall to approach a business for a collab and then reveal she'd be CHARGING them for it:

13. This influencer who not only proposed the same thing, but tried to convince the business they were scoring a huge deal:

14. This influencer who decided to "give back" by expecting free labor:

15. And finally, this influencer whose job posting for a new assistant can only be described as unhinged:

u/serotonin_flood / Via
u/serotonin_flood / Via

H/T: r/ChoosingBeggars