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    19 People Who Thought They Were Entitled To Free Stuff Because Hey, It's The Holidays

    "Thanks for ruining Christmas."

    1. This person who decided that paying their friend the standard commission for their artwork should count as a Christmas present:

    2. This person who was so appalled by the price of a toy truck, it ruined his son's first Christmas:

    3. This person who was invited to a holiday party, disrespected the host, and then complained when they didn't get a parting gift:

    4. This person who basically asked for a free hoverboard without saying "please give me a free hoverboard."

    5. This person who asked a Facebook marketplace seller to put the phone they were selling on hold so they could take advantage of a nonexistent "Christmas Sale":

    6. This person who broke the gift they were given and expected the gifter to buy them a new one ASAP:

    7. This person who decided to shoot their shot with a charity event to see if they could land a free PS5 for their boyfriend:

    8. This person who graciously asked their family for gifts exclusively over $200:

    9. This person who received a thoughtful donation from someone else and then basically said, "Is that it?"

    u/Placter / Via
    u/Placter / Via

    10. This person who accused a seller of ruining their kids' Chistmas for not selling them an iMac for $400 less that what they asked for:

    11. This person who asked for a free PS4 so they could have TWO in their household:

    12. This person who thought they were entitled to a free logo design simply because it was the holiday season:

    u/lefeisia / Via
    u/lefeisia / Via

    13. This person who wanted a free holiday sticker without paying for their coffee first:

    14. This person who thought they should get a pair of basketball tickets for free because the seller also got them for free:

    15. This person who tried to sell their Christmas tree for $100 plus a side of free labor:

    16. This person who wanted a free Santa Claus for their event and didn't even offer to provide the suit:

    17. This person who "completely understood" until they learned they wouldn't be getting what they asked for:

    18. This person who wanted to hire a live-in babysitter for nearly two weeks but was appalled that they would be expected to pay more than $50 a day:

    19. And this person who berated an Etsy seller for not selling them an original piece for $30 less than the asking price and "ruining Christmas":

    u/Colieoh / Via
    u/Colieoh / Via
    u/Colieoh / Via

    h/t: ChoosingBeggars

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