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    A Boyfriend Who Couldn't Even Be Bothered To Unpack Groceries, A Boyfriend Who Saved A Dying Fox, And 20 Other BFs I Just Couldn't Believe

    Ahhh, the dichotomy of man.

    1. This boyfriend either totally forgot to get his GF a gift and had to scramble last minute, or he just didn't care.

    2. This boyfriend understood it was their S.O.'s time of the month and acted accordingly.

    3. This boyfriend couldn't even be bothered to properly unload the groceries:

    4. This boyfriend showed his partner that he loves her interests just as much as she does:

    5. This boyfriend expressed his sheer and utter laziness through his gaming space:

    6. This boyfriend gifted his GF the most thoughtful memento to help her grieve:

    7. This boyfriend decided he'd rather expose himself to some serious cross contamination instead of washing a single cup:

    8. This boyfriend had to forgo some cuddles and instead surprised his S.O. with a care package and the sweetest message:

    9. This boyfriend chose time and time again to not change the fucking roll:

    10. This boyfriend celebrated his partner's sobriety with a nice lil' cake:

    11. This boyfriend ate the cheese like an absolute monster:

    12. This boyfriend wasn't about to let some distance stop him from spending quality time with his favorite person:

    13. This boyfriend took wastefulness to a whole new level and then some:

    14. This boyfriend helped a neighbor in distress and didn't quit until she was safely inside:

    15. This boyfriend creeped out his GF's niece:

    16. This boyfriend wrote his S.O. a tear-jerker of a note after learning about their mental health struggles:

    17. This boyfriend thought he was being comedian of the year, but he was sorely mistaken:

    18. This boyfriend gave his partner in crime a little piece of his childhood to save them from getting bored at work:

    19. This boyfriend was so. Darn. Close. To getting it right:

    20. This boyfriend was asked for some words of encouragement and KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK:

    21. This boyfriend technically did what he was asked, but just barely:

    22. And finally, this boyfriend took his special time and made it THEIR special time:

    h/t: r/MadeMeSmile and r/mildlyinfuriating

    What's the sweetest (or laziest) thing your boyfriend's ever done? Share it in the comments.