18 Signs From The Past Week That Made Me Laugh So Hard, I Lost Consciousness For A Second And Saw The Other Side

    This week has been rough — time to take a break and chortle at these silly little signs.

    We had to take a break from the weekly funniest signs roundup last week, but we're back, and the signs are just as funny and sign-y as ever! Please enjoy, courtesy of r/funnysigns.

    1. "One year left..."

    Sign with text “We plan to cut all homeless people in half by 2025” with a Conservative Party logo

    2. "Is that even physically possible?"

    Sign depicting no drinking from toilet with a stick figure and a red cross over it

    3. "Time to paint me."

    Two images: a red post box with "TIME TO PAINT ME RED AGAIN" and another with "RESULT THANK YOU" sign after repaint

    4. "Roombas have no natural predators."

    Poster for a lost Roomba with humorous missing pet-style details, asking for its return

    5. "Made to last."

    Sign reads "Holds up to 1000 lbs" next to a collapsed table with several bags that were on it

    6. "Woah, thanks for telling me."

    Sign on peanuts display reads "This product contains peanuts."

    7. "Your tax dollars at work…"

    Sign reads "SIDEWALK ENDS" where a concrete sidewalk meets grass

    8. "Life-changing sign."

    Directional signs pointing to "LONDON" and "FRANCE" with undergarments hanging on one sign

    9. "Measure twice..."

    Wooden framed sign with text "MEASURE TWICE CUT ONCE" above a saw blade illustration

    10. "Gotta watch this man..."

    Sign on store counter reads "No Watching while phone being fixed, Makes me nervous," prohibiting observation of repairs

    11. "Well, alrighty then!"

    Sign reads "This is not Burger King. You don't get it your way. You get it our way or you don't get the son of a bitch!" surrounded by bottles and decor

    12. "We wizards."

    Sign saying "Wizards are prohibited - You know what you did" with a wizard hat in a prohibition circle

    13. "Hey, they're cheap."

    Sign reads "Unassembled Snowman for Sale" with an arrow pointing to snow and a drawing of a snowman for reference

    14. "For what it's worth..."

    Stop sign with added text "Children What's that Sound? Everybody look What's going down" on a tree-lined street

    15. "Would you vote for Vader?"

    Sign with "Darth Vader - Together we can rule the galaxy" alongside the logo "Your Galactic Empire" on grass

    16. "These lawyers must be good."

    Sign on a wall reading "Ditcher, Quick & Hyde Divorce Lawyers."

    17. "I don't smoke anyway."

    Sign reads "Swimming Notice: Minnesota State Law strictly prohibits underwater smoking."

    18. "I can’t, sorry. 😭"

    Sign reads "All Employees Must Stop Crying Before Returning to Work" displayed near a sink

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