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    17 Things That Prove Cats Really Are The Cutest Specimens On The Planet

    I'm not just talkin' about tails and toe beans, people.

    1. Cats truly are perfect specimens, from their satellite ears...

    disSaysStufdNthingz / Via

    2. their mesmerizing eyes.

    BellaRichards / Via

    3. And when they close those eyes, they somehow get even cuter.

    A-RATAY / Via

    4. They have little button noses...

    JeninMAss / Via

    5. ...delicate whispy whiskers...

    ozzynozzy / Via

    6. ....and let's not forget about their TEEFIES.

    Noname_Maddox / Via

    7. Their chins are truly something else...

    icant-chooseone / Via

    8. ...and when they yawn they stick out their tongues, which are super pink and perfect.

    Mycatissnootsy / Via

    9. Their legs can be long or short but they never disappoint...

    tarikleottoman / Via

    10. ...and those legs lead to lil' round paws you just wanna squeeze.

    Pandalin2 / Via

    11. And underneath those paws...are TOE BEANS.

    beroemd / Via

    12. They've got straight-up liquid spines that let them make lots of cutie shapes...

    Xan_Fam / Via

    13. ...and super loaf-y torsos.

    DeepBlu3Nothing / Via

    14. Their chests are always little tufts of floof...

    storybox / Via


    boop_doop_ / Via

    16. And finally, their tails are out-of-this-world adorable...

    jgregorybarton / Via

    17. ...especially when they have lots of extra floof!!!

    Xixii / Via

    In closing....absolute perfection.

    icant-chooseone / Via

    Thank you.