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17 Husbands, Wives, And Partners I'm Thanking The Heavens I Never Married Or Dated


1. This partner who borrowed their S.O.s car and felt entitled to trashing it:

2. This partner who decided she deserved financial compensation and support post-breakup:

3. This partner who thought a $700 gift from her boyfriend simply wasn't enough:

4. This partner who essentially rejected her fiancé's engagement ring because it wasn't from Tiffany's:

5. This partner who took it one step further and publicly shamed her S.O. for the ring he picked out:

6. This (ex) partner who tried to get a deal just because she and the seller dated:

7. This partner who immediately tried to sell the Apple Watch her S.O. gifted her because it wasn't a brand-new model:

8. This (ex) partner who had a whole laundry list for his S.O. in order for the two of them to "get back together":

9. This partner who threw a fit because his S.O. wasn't texting him on the daily:

10. This husband who shamed his wife for using coupons to buy food to make him a delicious meal:

11. This military spouse who thought she should eat for free and let her poor server know it:

12. This GROUP of military spouses who demanded free NFL tickets for their non-existent "service":

13. This (ex) partner who was mad that her S.O. went back to his wife (???), so she proceeded to shame the wife for it:

14. This partner who cancelled her S.O.'s passport because she didn't want him going on a trip without her:

15. This wife who couldn't believe her husband had the audacity to split his money between her and his child:

16. This husband who bought his wife some gifts and then took them right back:

17. And finally, this wife who cheated on her husband WITH HIS OWN FATHER:

H/T: r/choosing beggars and r/trashy.

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