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    Rent Based On How Good-Looking You Are, Threatening To Move Because They Cancelled Netflix, And 16 Other Entitled Roommates I Can't Get Over

    Note to self: Avoid at all costs.

    1. This roommate who didn't have a job or income, but still felt entitled to a place with a saltwater pool and gym:

    2. This roommate who decided to base rent on how good-looking he thought his future housemate would be:

    3. This ex-roommate who thought his Netflix privileges were supposed to last beyond the lease and until the end of time:

    4. This roommate who decided they'd rather move out than pay for their own Netflix account:

    5. This "free" roommate who wanted a place to live for free because they didn't "want to work":

    6. This roommate who said they wouldn't charge any long as you performed physical labor for them and also acted as a "friend with benefits" (barf):

    u/mithandr / Via
    u/mithandr / Via

    7. This roommate who made a laundry list of rules and only offered to pay $150 a month:

    8. This roommate who wanted everyone to know she was "super fun and easy to get along with" so long as you never did anything she didn't like, ever:

    u/marigold423 / Via
    u/marigold423 / Via

    9. This ex-roommate who finally showed up to get the stuff he left behind, and expected everyone else to roll out the welcome wagon for him:

    10. This roommate who drove her housemate's car nearly 5,000 miles without his permission and literally saw no issue:

    11. These roommates who only wanted to rent their extra room specifically to a flight attendant so they'd never actually be there:

    u/JimiShmendrix / Via

    12. This ex-roommate who used their cat to try and scam their old housemate into giving them money for weed:

    13. This roommate who didn't want anything to do with a future housemate unless they were a "graphic artists, goth girl, streamer, or a model":

    u/a_general_customer / Via

    14. This roommate who thought he should be allowed to pay less rent because he makes less money:

    15. This roommate who felt like his girlfriend (who doesn't pay rent) was entitled to a parking spot instead of someone actually on the lease:

    u/jacobmay63 / Via
    u/jacobmay63 / Via

    16. This roommate who took an inch of their housemate's kindness and stretched it a whole mile:

    17. This roommate who felt the need to complain online about her housemate buying the wrong kind of TRASH BAGS:

    18. And finally, this roommate who didn't actually want someone to live with — they just wanted to cut the cost of their room in half:

    H/T: r/ChoosingBeggars

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