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    16 Examples Of Entitled MLM "Boss Babes" That'll Make Your Blood Boil If You've Ever Been Hit With The Dreaded "Hey Hun!"

    "Sorry your grandma died... Please buy my products."

    Note: In case you didn't know, multilevel marketing (MLM) company is a company that emphasizes both direct sales and recruiting others to work under you, so you can receive a percentage of profit from the products they sell as well. MLMs have been around for decades, and there's been plenty of controversy (like the infamous LuLaRoe lawsuits) over the years surrounding their business practices. I should also note that most MLMs are legal, while pyramid schemes are not. 

    1. This MLM'er who actually tried to turn the death of a family member into a sales pitch:

    2. This MLM'er who tried to convince everyone not to worry about fevers (and use essential oils instead of medication) in the age of COVID:

    3. This MLM'er who advertised the fact they were exploiting their child for free labor:

    4. This MLM'er who expected us all to believe essential oils cured their back spasms after falling down a flight of stairs:

    5. The manipulative MLM'er who tried to make people believe getting sores from their products was a GOOD THING:

    6. This MLM'er who tried to push a fake "detox" and then was like, "It totally WON'T (will) give you diarrhea":

    7. This MLM'er who jumped on this poor mom who was struggling to try to land a new recruit:

    8. This MLM'er who actually encouraged people to drink the same product that can allegedly dissolve plastic and melt Sharpies:

    9. This MLM'er who made their child walk around an entire parking lot to solicit for them:

    10. This MLM'er who definitely broke HR protocol by sending this message:

    11. This MLM'er who really expected us to believe this "weight loss" was from a bunch of shakes:

    12. This MLM'er who used questionable products on their TODDLER as a marketing tactic:

    13. This MLM'er who hawked supplements for a "parasite cleanse":

    14. This MLM'er whose recruitment tactic included shaming and blaming people to get them to sign up:

    15. This MLM'er who tried to glorify working 24/7:

    16. And finally, this MLM'er who commented on someone's post AFTER THEY DIED to try to make a sale:

    What's the most effed-up MLM'er behavior you've ever seen? Share it in the comments.

    H/T: r/antiMLM