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    18 Dates That Prove It Really Is Rough Out There

    And to think, we could've just stayed home...


    Went on a date, the guy asked what I liked to do, I mentioned that I like to read, and he responded, “Yea but you read children’s books...” And that’s how I almost went to jail for murder.


    My roommate went on a bumble date and was nervous so decided to pound shots in her car once she got to the place they were meeting and the guy was parked next to her and watched her chug vodka for 5 minutes. Dating is rough.


    I went on a date with this guy one time & he let the chef throw shrimp in his mouth. He ain’t hear from me since.


    I always get nervous to talk to guys because i think they’re going to be intimidating or out of my league but then i remember i once went on a date with a guy who told me him and all his friends have a group chat where they only send pictures of their buttcheeks and nothing else


    I once went on a date with this guy who raved about how exquisite and high class the surprise place he was taking me was and told me we were going to go all out. When I got there wearing a floor length dress, it turned out to be an Applebees


    S/O to the dude I went on a date with in 2014 who, for the entire duration of the night, delivered Increasingly heavy handed hints that he was a former KidzBop kid


    I went on a date with a boy today and he said “yeah I showed my friends your twitter and they said why does this girl have so many followers when all she tweets about is wanting to die”


    one time I went on a date with a boy and when I asked what kind of music he listens to he said he didn’t know because he just watches skateboarding videos and only listens to the songs in the background of them


    thinking about the time i went on a date with a guy who was tattooed up to his neck and the waitress kept hitting on him in front of me asking about his work, so he said he got them all in jail after being arrested for second degree murder. missing him.


    one time i went on a date with a boy and on the car ride home it was silent and then he said to me “i think i’m gonna break up with my girl friend”


    Last night i went on a date w a guy who is alot older than me and i got kinda drunk and annoyed because he wanted me to go back to his place so texted my friend to pick me up and told the guy my “arthritis is acting up” because i felt like he might relate idk am i going to hell


    If you think you’re dumb, remember that there was once I was on a date with this man and then I told him not to drug my drinks and he said he would drug it with C6H12O6 and I asked him if that was oxygen. Got ghosted afterwards but it’s completely justified. I’m not even mad bro


    Went on a date. This guy was wearing ripped jeans. I was so distracted throughout the whole date cause all I wanted to do was moisturize his knees.


    last year, i went on a date with a dude and when i told him i was reading Animal Farm again, he laughed obnoxiously for an entire minute and said i was too old to be reading children’s books. i think about that a lot. ...i wonder if he’s still an idiot.


    A fella asked me on a date then asked me could we reschedule because he spent all his money on a electric scooter sending me videos of him zooming around tallaght hahaha makes me so happy everytime I think about it


    I’m on a date with someone and he just pronounced ‘emoji’ as ‘immerjee’ and I physically can’t stop laughing. I’m stood in the toilet cubicle right now and he thinks I’ve gone for a piss but really I’m just pissing myself laughing


    My homegirl went on a date off of Tinder. He wanted to go hiking, she was like nah a public place. The date was super weird, she deleted his number after. A month later he was arrested for killing a girl in the woods. He was a serial killer.


    Last night I invited a b*y on a date to my favorite bookstore/bar and he looked so uncomfy when he came in and I felt SO bad..I had completely forgotten all men are illiterate

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