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This TikTok Showing Coronavirus Cases Across The World In Grains Of Rice Is Something We All Need To See

That's a lotta rice.

If you're having trouble comprehending the reach of the coronavirus across the globe right now (and who could blame you? It's pretty bonkers), maybe this TikTok will help:

Note: 1 confirmed case = 1 grain of rice.

The TikTok, which was posted two days ago by Humphrey Yang, the same man who showed us Jeff Bezos's wealth in rice, gives us a nice visual representation of coronavirus in many different countries, like Canada...

@humphreytalks / Via

Two days later, on March 16, Canada's cases had more than doubled to 304, according to the CDC.

The good ol' US of A...

@humphreytalks / Via

The number of confirmed cases in the US has since grown to 1,678.


@humphreytalks / Via

China's confirmed cases are now down to 81,077.

Yang, a freelancer for e-commerce from the Bay Area, told BuzzFeed he uploaded the TikTok because he wanted to "educate people that the cases are far from being 'over' and that everyone should be doing their part to help contain it."

Yang also uploaded a TikTok showing the exponential growth of coronavirus in Italy as a part two to his original video:

Italy's current count of confirmed cases is 24,747.

"Most people don't understand exponential growth, and in the context of the virus, it really helps show you how fast it can spread without correct precautions."

@humphreytalks / Via

I couldn't agree more! This shit is serious. Let's thank Yang for his service and then do our best to prevent further cases of COVID-19. Deal?