19 Photos That Prove Capitalism Has Gone Too Far

    We will never know peace.

    1. This friendly ad that's supposed to be about convenience, but it really just reminds us that we'll never be able to escape work:

    2. This company's attempt to convince their employees that a new video game system is better than unionizing:

    3. This ad that's not only incorrect, but also borderline offensive:

    4. This dystopian show of "appreciation":

    5. This other dystopian show of "appreciation" that also includes a really awful pun:

    6. This ad that really, really didn't get the irony:

    7. This establishment that used their "point system" against an employee even though she was in the ICU: 

    8. This app that has a limit on how well you can tip their delivery drivers:

    9. This "feel good" commercial that really just screams "pay your employees better":

    10. This quota that puts workers' employment on the line every single shift:

    11. This ad that's trying to be funny about the struggles of being a laborer:

    12. This list of "resources" given to employees instead of good wages and benefits:

    13. This commercial that's gotta be the definition of backwards:

    14. This reminder to buy things at literally every step:

    15. This tiered payment system based on age:

    16. This "pause break" that proves we never actually get a moment's rest:

    17. This fortune cookie that says consumerism is probably in your future:

    18. This opportunity to borrow more money slapped on the thing you just spent money on:

    19. And finally, these LCD screens that accomplish the exact same thing as windows, except way, way worse:

    h/t: r/ABoringDystopia