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    Britney Spears' Backyard Yoga Routine Is One Of The Most Impressive Things I've Seen All Year

    You might say she's ready for the ~circus~.

    We all know Britney Spears: singer, legend, icon, skinny as a needle.

    And now, our beloved Britney has a brand-new title: Cirque du Soleil performer!!! She posted this video on her Instagram and it's basically an audition tape.

    Let's break it down, shall we?

    She starts us off in this lovely pose...

    ...then sends it into a split like it's nothing.

    For her next trick, she bends her body entirely in half...

    ...then does this weird back thing.

    She creates some lovely heart shapes with her body....

    ...and for the grand finale, she walks up and down some stairs. On her hands.

    ON HER HANDS!!!!!

    So excited for Britney to add this to her résumé, along with painter... blogger....

    ...and tiny furniture collector!!!

    Love ya, Brit. Keep thriving and make making me feel really, really out of shape.