15 Bosses I'm Convinced Were Created In A Lab Because They Have Zero Empathy For Everyday, Human Life

    Sorry your dog died, but you're still coming into work tomorrow.

    1. This boss who wanted all employees to be "strictly vegan" while on the clock:

    "our workplaces are strictly vegan"

    2. This boss who expected an employee to come into work immediately after their dog died:


    3. This boss who expected an employee to MOVE THE DATE of putting their dog to sleep so they could come into work the next day:

    "Is there a way you could do it on a night where you don't work the next day?"

    4. This boss who forbid employees from using chairs because they wanted them to stand all day long:

    "Not for employee use"

    5. This boss who fired someone because they couldn't come to a spontaneous "cleaning party" with just two hours' notice:

    "I understand, it sounds like you're very busy, and I unfortunately I don't think this will be a good fit for you."

    6. This boss who expected an employee to work for them for a full year before they could even think about quitting:

    "therefore, your earliest available departure date would be 03/06/2023."

    7. This boss who expected employees to appreciate this "prize" of a 10-minute break:

    "You won an extra 10 min break!"

    8. This boss who wanted any and all employees to have similar (if not completely the same) religious views:

    "Please provide us with an expression of your Christian faith."

    9. This boss who apparently expected their employee to show up to their shift vomiting everywhere:

    "I'm vomiting and throwing up and can't get out of the bathroom"

    10. This boss who expected their employee to continue working overtime for no pay, so they sent her husband this very patronizing "thank you" note:

    "Please know we appreciate her and thank you for sharing when we desperately needed her."

    11. This boss who expected an employee to pay hundreds of their own dollars for job training:

    "If I had 600 in my pocket to spend like that, I wouldn't be looking for a job."

    12. This boss who told their employee to lie about their mother dying in order to protect the bottom line:

    "Seriously, I'm not happy about that."

    13. This boss who expected an employee to immediately bounce back after discovering her longtime partner was cheating on her:

    "I'm going to ask that you fake it until you make it."

    14. This boss who thought an employee should get back to work immediately after their own sister died:

    "were you THAT close to your sister?"

    15. And finally, this boss who lost it after an employee didn't magically teleport across state lines to come into work:

    "I'm sorry but I'm multiple states away visiting family."
    "I'm not responding to anymore messages, that's so inappropriate."

    H/T: r/antiwork