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17 People Who Should Never Be Allowed To Enter A Restaurant Or Order Food Ever Again

Just tip well, for the love of god.

1. This person who really had the audacity:

Learn English? How about learn how to write. from trashy

2. These geniuses who probably thought they invented comedy by adding a one cent tip:

So this happened tonight. The group of dudes who placed the order thought it was hilarious, but me driving to our delivery border (10 min each way) was much less amused. from trashy

3. This person who could've at least taken the coins out of the bag(?):

Pizza delivery driver got tipped with a baggy of coins containing loose tobacco. from trashy

4. This person who could've just left:

Tipping with an IOU from trashy

5. This person who really should learn to read the goddamn room:

Here's a TIP, it's trashy as hell to leave fake money as a tip that advertises your candidate. from trashy

6. This person who either didn't realize that service staff live on tips or simply did not care:

Someone keeps stealing the tip jar at my local donut shop from trashy

7. These people who threw a hissy fit about a restaurant's policy and decided to take it out on their server:

You can just picture the trashiness from this customer from trashy

8. This person who thinks starting a physical altercation is worth not tipping your server:

Trying to justify physical violence by saying “tipping is completely optional” from trashy

9. These people who were only willing to tip if their server broke the law for them:

My friend waited on two underage kids who tried to order drinks. Stiffing servers has always made someone a bad person, but during a pandemic when benefits have run out and restaurant employees are struggling more than they already did? Despicable. from trashy

10. This person who may need a refresher on how to be a decent human being:

The way this table left a tip for me from mildlyinfuriating

11. This person who REALLY overestimated their own value:

This "$100" tip I received tonight. from mildlyinfuriating

12. This person who doesn't think servers should protect themselves during a global pandemic:

Decades of "the customer is always right" has created the most entitled idiots in human history. from facepalm

13. This person who literally should have just stayed home:

I was tipped at Wisconsin state fair, I don’t get paid enough to deal with this. from mildlyinfuriating

14. This person who revoked their delivery driver's tip because they...tried to help them out:

I can’t believe people can be this stupid. Found this on Twitter and thought it would fit here. from facepalm

15. This person whose "nice" message wasn't as caring as they thought it was:

Well at least I still make $2.13 an hour from Wellthatsucks

16. This person who really thought they did something:

$1 tip on $500+ bar tab... from Wellthatsucks

17. And these people who were not only condescending, but asked their server to do the impossible considering the circumstances:

I'm a server and I wear a mask at work every day. Someone left this note on a receipt tonight from facepalm

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