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17 People Who Should Never Be Allowed To Enter A Restaurant Or Order Food Ever Again

Just tip well, for the love of god.

1. This person who really had the audacity:

2. These geniuses who probably thought they invented comedy by adding a one cent tip:

3. This person who could've at least taken the coins out of the bag(?):

4. This person who could've just left:

5. This person who really should learn to read the goddamn room:

6. This person who either didn't realize that service staff live on tips or simply did not care:

7. These people who threw a hissy fit about a restaurant's policy and decided to take it out on their server:

8. This person who thinks starting a physical altercation is worth not tipping your server:

9. These people who were only willing to tip if their server broke the law for them:

10. This person who may need a refresher on how to be a decent human being:

11. This person who REALLY overestimated their own value:

12. This person who doesn't think servers should protect themselves during a global pandemic:

13. This person who literally should have just stayed home:

14. This person who revoked their delivery driver's tip because they...tried to help them out:

15. This person whose "nice" message wasn't as caring as they thought it was:

16. This person who really thought they did something:

17. And these people who were not only condescending, but asked their server to do the impossible considering the circumstances: