16 Sketchy Landlord Moves That Can Only Be Described In One Word: Leech

    Unacceptable in every way.

    1. This landlord who demanded 11 THOUSAND DOLLARS upon move in:

    @JeongPark52 / Via Twitter: @JeongPark52

    2. This landlord who *pretended not to see it*:

    3. This landlord who waited nearly a month to respond to their tenant about a broken toilet:

    4. This landlord who "fixed" the tiles like this:

    5. This landlord who *technically* didn't lie, but also didn't tell the truth:

    6. This landlord who overcharged their tenant and then refused to give it back:

    7. This landlord who installed a new toilet in possibly the worst fashion imaginable:

    8. This landlord who had absolutely zero humanity for their tenant during the pandemic:

    9. This landlord who had the nerve to complain about providing water to their tenants:

    10. This landlord who thought they were the center of the fucking universe:

    11. This landlord who outright admitted to scamming tenants out of their security deposits:

    12. This landlord who tried to scam their tenant into paying them for STREET PARKING:

    13. This one who heard about tenants' packages getting stolen and did ✨nothing✨:

    14. This landlord who really wanted to believe their own lie:

    The floors covered in mold
    Mold all across the floor where the floor meets the wall

    15. This landlord who tried to start charging tenants for USING THE ELEVATOR:

    16. And finally, this landlord who still demanded rent from their tenant, even in the midst of a humanitarian crisis:

    What's the worst/sketchiest thing your landlord has ever done? Tell us in the comments.

    h/t: r/LandlordLove