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    14 Job Descriptions That Made Me Want To Log Off LinkedIn Forever

    "Entry level" should mean NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

    1. This "internship" that requires a combined nine years of experience:

    2. This job that doesn't offer health insurance but makes up for it with endless soda:

    3. This job that not only doesn't offer health insurance but also tries to justify it by implying health insurance isn't a "necessity":

    4. This job that'll call you a "superhero" but won't pay above $15:

    5. This job posting that pretty much says, "We're going to disrespect you":

    6. This job that doesn't even offer a full day of PTO:

    7. This job that requires a master's degree for entry-level pay:

    8. This job that even takes it a step further and requires a whole-ass PhD for an entry-level position:

    9. This job that apparently thinks you need to either go to college or work for over a decade to be qualified: 

    10. This job that doesn't believe in resting or taking days off:

    11. This job that's offering minimum wage to literally handle dead bodies:

    12. This job that CLAIMS it pays better than competitors...but conveniently doesn't mention the actual pay:

    13. This job that's offering poverty wages in some of the most expensive cities in the US:

    14. And finally, this job that's essentially threatening you if you decide to ask for the salary you deserve: