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    18 Poor Souls Who Got Absolutely Drop-Kicked By Life And Have The Photos To Prove It

    Just go back to bed and reset.

    1. This person who probably nearly passed out from the stench upon opening the door:

    2. This person whose furniture was basically living on borrowed time:

    3. This person who now gets to live this mismatched existence:

    4. This person who just wanted to wash their linens:

    5. This person who was given this very valuable and helpful "tip":

    6. This person who proved they live in a glorified oven:

    7. This person who was gifted a very special surprise:

    8. This person who probably regretted slipping their phone into their back pocket:

    9. This person who got a gorgeous view:

    10. This person who should've probably gotten a medal for "Worst-Timed Spill":

    11. This person who opened their shed and stepped straight into a horror movie:

    12. This person who was in for a very "shitty" car ride, if you catch my drift:

    13. This person who had some deadly decisions to make:

    14. This person who I guarantee will never open a window again for as long as they live:

    15. This person whose afternoon nap had devastating consequences:

    16. This person who experienced a tragedy in two parts:

    17. This person whose fur baby just got a little confused:

    18. And finally, this person who JUST. WANTED. SOME KETCHUP WITH THEIR FRIES:

    h/t: r/wellthatsucks

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