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    "Three Years Later, It Hasn't Happened Again, And We've Never Spoken Of It" — People Are Sharing Their Juiciest Secrets And Stories From Bachelor And Bachelorette Parties, And My Mouth Is At My Feet

    "When we finally got home after drinking way too much, we decided to have one more celebratory drink together. Without saying a word, he just leaned in and started kissing me. We spent the rest of the night and early morning having sex in our kitchen."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their wildest and juiciest stories from bachelor and bachelorette parties. Here are the things you'll never believe went down before people said I do:

    1. "A good friend got engaged after knowing her fiancé all of three months. We all thought it was a really bad idea, as right before she met him, she’d just gone through a breakup with a guy she was madly in love with (the one who got away). A month later, and a week before her City Hall wedding, a bunch of us fly to her bachelorette party in Las Vegas. It started off great, but quickly got wild. We lost her our second night there, but she texted me saying she ran into an old friend and she’ll catch up with us later. The next night, she met us for dinner with her new husband, the one who got away."


    2. "When I got married, I had a three-night bachelor party in Tijuana, Mexico. There was about 10 of us, and only a couple of them were single at the time, but we were all degenerates. We had an Airbnb right by the water, and the plan was we were gonna spend the first couple of nights partying, and then on the last night, we’d go check out the red light district in Tijuana. Well, us being us, and being about 1,000 miles away from our girls, of course, we spent all three nights at a gentlemen's club surrounded by sex workers. We all spent a lot of money, and we had a blast. We’re all looking forward to the next guy in of our group getting married so we can hopefully go back."


    A shirtless man with a champagne bottle

    3. "One of my closest friends at the time slept with a stranger from the club when we were out partying two nights before her wedding. It was shocking and upsetting, and since she was my friend, I tried not to be judgmental. But damn, who does that?"


    4. "This was at a friend's bachelorette! It was a small group of about five girls, including the bride. It was in a city about three hours from where we all live. She invited a male 'friend' to a club we were going to because 'he lived nearby and she hadn't seen him in a while.' At the club, they were in a corner all night, and definitely looked like more than friends. It was incredibly awkward for the rest of us, and he tagged along the rest of the night while she was wearing a white bachelorette dress and her engagement ring."

    "The next morning, she confessed that she’d always had a crush on this 'friend,' and wasn't sexually attracted to her fiancé. The rest of the trip, she kept asking us what she should do, since she didn’t physically cheat on her fiancé. Despite almost all of us telling her to break up with her fiancé, she decided it would be too much to break off a wedding since everything was already paid for. I couldn’t stand by her as a friend after witnessing that. I went to her wedding, and now don’t talk to her, but to my knowledge, she is still married to the original fiancé she wasn't attracted to."


    Kristen Wiig on "SNL"

    5. "At one Bachelorette party I went to years ago, it was the bride-to-be's goal by the end of the night to have as many men hit on her/buy her drinks/etc. as possible. It turned out, every single guy was really sweet and mature and self-respecting, and realized, 'Hey, this girl is dressed in all white with a bachelorette sash. I'll just congratulate her and not hit on her like a scumbag.' And all the people who bought her drinks/shots were other women or the bartenders! Well, my friend didn't like this, and as the night progressed, she got more and more forward and pushy. She was essentially begging men to hit on her, which only in turn made them scurry away. Not really a life-or-death secret, but I guarantee if she knew her husband-to-be acted the same way at his bachelor party, she'd be furious, and if her husband ever found out, he would be pretty sad."


    6. "Not my bachelor party, but I was the 'other girl.' I met a guy while at our go-to bar. I must have been around 20 (the legal drinking age is 18 where I live). Our groups merged, everybody was super wasted, and we snuck off at one point. First talking, then making out. I should have been warned when he made me hide from one of his friends (later, I found out it was his best man), but being drunk, it was all fun and games. We ended up hooking up in the bathroom, and I only realized the full scope of it when my friend, who had helped look for us, filled me in. I got yelled at hard for being a 'home wrecker.' Well, I was not the one cheating or hiding the fact that I was a.) at a bachelor's party, and b.) about to get married. I never told anyone who wasn't there because even though I should know better, I still feel like crap about it."


    "Is it just me or is he trash?"

    7. "I was at my bachelor party — just at a small bar — and we had all had a few drinks so we weren't thinking straight. So, one of us decided it would be a good idea for me to strip naked in Times Square and sing about it. It did not go well, and I apologize to those affected."


    8. "My husband prepared me for weeks leading up to his bachelor party that his brothers were going to get him strippers, and there was going to be wild drinking and associated shenanigans, etc. He assured me repeatedly nothing would happen, and he would be on his best behavior. I was never worried, but he seemed very nervous about it. After the party, I didn't ask any questions beyond, 'Did you have fun?' And he went on to describe all these crazy drinking games, strippers, jumping off the roof into a pool, crashing a golf cart, etc. His ultra-macho brother later told me in confidence that he and the other brothers knew my husband wasn't into all that, so they organized a Magic the Gathering tournament for him instead, with beer and pizza."

    "Apparently, his brothers were so embarrassed to be enjoying his 'geeky' game, that he told everyone they had a crazy night to preserve their manly egos. The story was his decision, because that's just the kind of thoughtful guy he is. He eventually told me the truth, but not until many years later. It's the most heart-warming and adorable lie I've ever been told."



    9. "My friends decided to take me to a strip club on the first night, and I was hungover the rest of the trip. My spouse knows this. But what he doesn’t know is that we had a private room, got lap dances, and I made out with two strippers. In my defense, I’m pretty certain he had strippers and cocaine at his."


    10. "It was a bachelor party in Las Vegas. Nobody knew that the groom had a problem with gambling. The first night we're there, we were all in the casino having drinks and playing cards. The groom got up to 'get a drink' and never came back to the group. After hours of searching for him, we finally found him sitting on the bathroom floor of his hotel room crying his eyes out. He lost over $10,000 in just a few hours playing Black Jack. We were there for three more days, and he pretty much didn't even leave his hotel room and was terrified to go home and tell his fiancé he gambled away most of their savings."


    A woman making a sad face at the casino

    11. "At a bachelorette party, the bride was surprised with a dare that included going up a fire truck ladder. She slid down and broke both her legs. Still kept the wedding date, just in a wheelchair."


    12. "At my bachelor party, my best man got six strippers. I wound up hooking up with one of them in the main room with everyone watching. Then, I had sex with another one in the bathroom. Then, at the end of the night, I was in the hot tub with two more. What a night, and so many secrets. There was some remorse the next day, but I just had a few beers, and I was fine with it."


    A woman with her jaw dropped

    13. "I finally met my wife’s family a week before the wedding. Her brother ended up joining us for the bachelor party and stayed quiet most of the night. By all comparisons, we kept it very tame and PG. When we finally got home after drinking way too much, we decided to have one more celebratory drink together. Without saying a word, he just leaned in and started kissing me. We spent the rest of the night and early morning having sex in our kitchen. Three years later, it hasn't happened again, and we've never spoken of it. Just boys being boys, I guess."


    14. "I went to a friend's party, and a local cop buddy hired a stripper. Long story short, I got a lap dance from my ex-girlfriend's mom. ... I didn't realize it was her until later because she was so out of context, and I had never seen her naked in all her stripper makeup glory."


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    Did you witness something absolutely wild at a bachelor or bachelorette party? Share it in the comments — I NEED to know!!!