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    People Are Sharing The Dates They 1,000% Should've Walked Out On, And The Secondhand Embarrassment Is Killing Me

    It's rough out there.

    Recently, we wrote up a viral Reddit thread where people shared the awkward dates they should've walked out on but didn't. And because awkward and horrible first dates are a universal experience, it inspired even more responses from the BuzzFeed Community. Here they are:

    1. "I met a girl on a dating site, and when we had our first date she said she had an identical twin and that she was looking forward to meeting me on our third date. On said third date, I picked her up, and we had dinner and a show. Then, on the way back to her place, she asked if I liked her. I told her yes, she really seemed nice. She then said, 'Do you like me better than my sister?'

    "I stopped the car and asked what she meant. She then told me they'd swapped places that night, and that she was right — they truly were identical since I couldn't tell the difference. Maybe it was actually her, not her sister, and she was just playing head games trying to see how I'd respond. Either way, I took her home and bid her and her sister goodbye."


    2. "I had one where the guy kept calling me 'Drew Barrymore' during the entire date. The. Entire. Date. I proceeded to end the date within less than 40 minutes, and told him that I lived with strict, religious parents (which was true), and had to wake up early in the morning. A word to the wise: If you’re going on an app date with someone, and something seems off to you while you're texting them, stop talking to them pronto and do not meet them in real life."


    3. "I agreed to go on a date with a guy I met online. We decided to go to the fair that was in town and was the biggest in Europe. I'm naturally quite shy and have a hard time starting a conversation, but when someone else starts, I have no problem joining in and keeping it going. He was probably the same, because we greeted each other and then walked around for about an hour and didn't say a word. Literally nothing. We kept walking, and it was so awkward; I was glad when it was getting late and I could go home."


    4. "On the second date, I found out his ex-girlfriend was seven months pregnant, and they were 'pretty sure' it was his. If it was his, he wanted custody…so his parents could raise the kid for him. It’s not like he was a teenager incapable of raising a kid; we were both in our 20s. He just decided it would be easier to make his parents raise the kid as their own, and they'd agreed. After I told him it wasn’t going to work out between us, he got offended and sent me a text at 3 a.m. saying, 'You’ll never find anyone else like me.' Like, damn, I sure hope not."


    5. "I went on a semi-blind date with a friend from school's cousin. He seemed nice enough over the phone, so we agreed to meet up for a movie. He badgered me for my school ID so he could get a discount on the tickets, which wasn't so bad, but kind of embarrassing. However, during the previews, he sang all the songs loudly, and during the movie, he reenacted the fight scenes out loud and alone in our back row seats."

    "People were staring and mortified. He even tried to con his way inside my home when he dropped me off by pretending to need to use my house phone (which I didn't have) because his cell 'died.' Thankfully, I never spoke to him again."


    6. "He told me if he could put my brain in the body of a 21-year-old, he’d want to date me, but since he couldn’t, he was only willing to sleep with me. His friends just wouldn’t be jealous of him for dating me, like they would with a 21-year-old. I was 36, and he was 44."


    7. "I went on a date with a guy who had a huge, angry zit on his cheek. That didn't bother me much. What got me was, while we were eating, he touched it, and it started oozing down his face. Instead of excusing himself to go deal with it, he just wiped it off and continued eating like nothing had happened. It just kept on oozing. I went to the bathroom and texted my mother telling her to call me in like five minutes and make like it's an emergency so he'd take me home. Needless to say, there were no more dates after that."


    8. "I was asked to guess his age while on the date and found out he was 28, while I was 19. He then proceeded to tell me he'd give me his mom's recipes to try and cook so he could see if I'd be good wife material."


    9. "Once, I went on a date with a guy who blared an obscure Hall and Oats song — this was in 1997 — with his car windows rolled down, and it was so loud that a police officer used their loud speaker to make him turn it down."


    10. "On the date, he took a drink of water and then sprayed it into my face, cherub-in-a-fountain style. When I looked shocked and upset, he laughed, pointed, and said something about how surprised I looked. Then he said, 'Ohhhh, bet it took a while to do that makeup, huh?' We were in a restaurant, and we’d been dating for a month."


    11. "This guy added me on Facebook and I accepted. I didn’t know him, but we started talking and clicked. He asked me to meet up with him after his soccer practice, and I sat there in my car contemplating if I wanted to get out of the car. Something felt off. I did get out, and got into his car with him to get some tacos. When we were eating back at his house, he told me he had a girlfriend, but wanted to try someone else. I finished my taco, told him I had to leave, and he got up to give me a kiss, which I dodged. Ghosted him after that."


    12. "In university, a group of us would go and sing karaoke at this bar nearby every Tuesday night. One week, a friend of mine decided to come along, and she brought the guy she’d been seeing and his friend. I had a stuffed frog or something with me, and the friend tried to bond with me over our shared love of frogs. He even went so far as to start making what were apparently frog mating croaks at me in the bar, and then he actually sang a Muppets song about being green in a Kermit the Frog voice. So, that was awkward."


    13. And finally, "After our second date, he got completely naked in the front seat of my car (except his socks), and asked me to use a dildo on him. I did no such thing, but took him home, and never spoke to him again."


    OK, we've heard a lot about bad dates; now let's share the best, "green flag" dates you've ever had. Sound off in the comments!