16 Signs You Bleed Wolfpack Red

The blood of the North Carolina State University Wolfpack runs through your veins, or so you think. Here are 16 sure-fire ways to know if that’s true…

1. You have eaten enough Chick-Fil-A to feed a small army…

The Atrium is hell, especially at around 12-2 pm. But does that stop us? NEVER!

2. You have perfected your “Tripped-on-a-Brick” look….

We all have one, the “Did anyone see that?” the “Dance it off” and the infamous “I’m cool”….

3. Your wolf howl improves significantly after a few choice beverages…

I’m going to go howl like a wolf completely sober, said no one ever…

4. At this point, all of the game day cheers are second-nature..

“Aaaaannnnddd that’s another WOLFPACK”

5. You get queasy when you see the color baby blue

I mean, it’s pretty much the ugliest color know to man, amirite?

6. Reading days are spent solely in D.H. Hell.

Did I say Hell? I meant Hill…

7. Cornhole is life.

Whether it’s tailgating, Shack-a-thon, a frat party, or a day in the park, it is not complete without cornhole….

8. You have seen die-hard fans like these in action…

PSA: Do not cover yourself in acrylic paint…It itches…

9. You understand the acronym GTHC, and you use it frequently…

10. You hate the student lottery with a burning passion

And don’t even get me started on the NCSU ticket exchange facebook page….

11. You have felt ashamed when you left your room in anything other than red on Fridays

Not everyone does it, but a true wolfpacker at least feels some remorse..

12. You have passed Scotty on campus & it’s nbd.

Yes, [insert relative’s name here], I have seen Scotty McCreery around campus, and no, I did NOT take pictures…

13. Bojangles or Cookout

There’s no wrong choice, so whichever one is not spilling out into traffic with cars would be great…

14. You went to the Hunt library and it felt like Narnia

Its like Candyland, meets Discovery Zone, meets Imagination Station, meets Narnia, except with robots and 3-D printers…

15. You met Mr & Ms. Wuf, and it was PHENOMENAL

You got to relive meeting Santa, the characters in Disney World, and the Easter Bunny, all in that one beautiful moment.

16. And even though you can’t fully express your love for NCSU, this guy does a pretty great job…


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