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15 Reasons To Automatically Swipe Left On Tinder

Dating is hard, guys.

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1. Emojis in their bio / Via

Emojis are reserved for friends, family, and loved ones. You are none of the above...yet.

2. Looks like someone's dad


Stacey's mom has got it going on, but Stacey's dad gives me the creeps.

3. Only have group photos


There are six dudes in this picture, 50% are swipe left, 50% are swipe right.....WHICH ONE ARE YOU?

4. Artistic photos that don't show their face

Warner Bros.

Wow. Such art. Very filter. Much ugly.

5. Horoscope mentioned anywhere


This is not a teen magazine and your horoscope is irrelevant.

6. Duck-Face

Uncomfortable for me to see, uncomfortable for those muscles in your face.

7. First picture is shirtless / Via

Nothing says "let's get naked" like you already being half-way there.

8. Dead animals in your photo


No! Not Bambi!!

9. Hair is better than mine

I cannot compete with your luscious locks. I just can't.

10. Bio mentions the words "craft beer," "fitness," or "entrepreneur"

20th Century Fox Television

Yeah, you and the rest of the male species.

11. No picture at all


Do you know how Tinder works?

12. More muscles than personality


Maybe he's compensating for something...

13. It's a child

Does your mother know you Tinder with those hands?

14. Weight in their bio

New Line Cinema

This is not UPS and you are not the whole package.

15. All of the pictures look professionally done


Either you are a male model or 150% Catfish.

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