8 Most Memorable Old School McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys

There were very few things as exciting as getting picked up from school as a kid and being told by your parent that dinner was going to be supplied by McDonald’s that evening… The overwhelming joy of being able to show off your Happy Meal toy was almost too exciting to contain!

1. Changeables AKA McRobots

When Transformers became a thing, McDonald’s came up with the brilliant idea of incorporating their most famous products into robots.

2. McFurbys

I spent a very long time trying to perfect speaking in Furbish in hopes that it could become my “secret language”…

3. McNugget Buddies

These Chicken McNuggets (especially the Halloween versions) were most likely to lose their costumes in any given toy chest…

4. Mac Tonight

With his slick shades, sick rides and sultry songs, Mac Tonight was quite the cartoonish charmer!

5. Michael Jordan Fitness Fun

Nothing like a legendary and iconic basketball star to promote working out after indulging in some greasy grub!

6. Original Characters

Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar, whatever the heck Grimace was supposed to be, and of course Birdie the Early Bird who was the first identifiably female character…

7. Play-Doh

Probably one of the coolest and most innovative Happy Meal toys to have been introduced to the us…
But maybe not such a good idea to make them replicate food as eating Play-Doh was also a huge part of our experimentation stage.

8. Vinyl Halloween Trick Or Treat Bag

I mean, who didn’t love Halloween?!
Between these bags and the infamous Halloween Pails/Buckets, being the first kid to collect all of the sugary treats in the neighborhood was definitely not a problem you had to face!

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