11 Moments When Zack Morris’ “Time Out” Could Be Useful In Everyday Life

I never quite understood why Zack Morris had the ability to Freeze Time, but that didn’t stop me from wishing on a star every single night that I would wake up the next morning with the same awesome magical power! Take a “Time Out” to read below and then share what instances you would use yours, if you had it…

11. While On Vacation

I need a vacation after my vacation… *sigh*

10. When You Are Stuck In A Perpetual Fight

Sometimes you just need to know when to shut up…

9. When Someone Is Tailgating Your Car

Living in Los Angeles we are preprogrammed to have an abundance of “road rage”…
But nothing can get me more worked up than a tailgater during rush hour!

8. To Grab The Last Piece of Food

I hate that awkward moment when you really want to grab the last slice of pizza, but you also don’t want to be the person who grabbed the last slice of pizza.

7. Saying Something You Can’t Take Back

There is nothing scarier than those two seconds after realizing you accidentally said something you didn’t really mean to!

6. Right Before Taking That Last Shot When You Go From Turnt Up To Falling Down

Know your limits…
And don’t get too “excited”!

5. On A Good Date

Well that just speaks for itself… *smirk*

4. On A Bad Date

Making up a really good excuse to leave during a bad date should be perfected prior to going out in the first place!

3. Napping During School or Work

I still believe that it was completely evil to have gotten us used to napping as children just to have it horribly taken away when we became adults!

2. Just Before Getting A Ticket

Spotting that motorcycle cop right after you “California Roll” through a STOP Sign is the absolute worst!

1. During A Prank Call When The Person Says Your Name

No matter how many times you practice using *67 to block your number, if the person on the other line guesses it’s you and says your name, you might as well have pressed *82…

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