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    8 Ways To Be The Next Chewbacca Mom

    We laughed with her. We got excited with her. We felt as if we re-lived the most joyful times of our life with her. Chewbacca mom has won the nations' hearts.

    This video is now the highest rated video on Facebook...

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    Now, so many people spend years trying to find the solution to making their video go viral. The big question on peoples' minds do I get 150 million people to watch me too?

    1. Don't plan it!

    What makes Chewbacca Mom so great is that it's completley spontaneous, and you can tell!

    2. Plan it so well it looks like you didn't plan it!

    Sure, we just broke our first rule already, but if it works, it works! Spontaneity is great, but it can also be staged. If you can make something look so convincing that people think it's real, you just might hit a goldmine (like every talk show ever where the guest 'randomly' busts out their talent)

    3. Make people feel!

    Studies show that the ability to make people really feel something, whether it is positive or negative, can be one of the biggest factors in a video's shareability.

    4. Surprise people!

    In our attention-deficited era, nothing can be as engaging as the element of surprise. This could be funny, scary, or flat out awe-inspiring. Who really expected to laugh as much when they saw the Chewbacca Mom thumbnail being shared around?

    5. Don't surprise people!

    Breaking rules again, but remember, sometimes people expect to be surprised. So the best surprise can be giving them exactly what it says on the tin.

    6. Don't worry about quality!

    If you can make your video look like a cinematic masterpiece, that is great. But often, it really doesn't matter. People are just as happy to watch something off your phone if it's engaging enough.

    7. Piggybank off others

    Newton only got to where he was by standing on the shoulders of giants. Well, there is no shame in capitalising on the success of someone else as long as it is fresh (and not morally ambiguous). Look for what's trending, and what people are interested in searching at the time, and make a video about it. There's a video of a Chewbacca putting on a Chewbacca mom mask somewhere that is going viral right that's weird!

    8. Don't chase the views!

    What do cat and baby videos have in common? Well, they get TONS of views and they don't crave being shared. They just act adorable on camera, and the rest is history. Have fun, capture some great moments, and share it for the world to see - if 10 people watch it, then great....if 150 million people watch it, then that's fine too.

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