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12 Inevitable Things That Happen When You Ride The Jeepney

For the minimum price of eight pesos? Why not Chocnut?

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1. Hearing the driver tell you that there's room for one more at the back seat of the jeepney.

Yes ma'am! Come right in!

2. Entering the vehicle and finding out that the driver lied.


Can I pay half the price because only half of my butt can be seated?

3. Squeezing yourself in anyway, but no passenger wants to move to make room for you.


Don't make me sit on your lap! Because I will!

4. Trying to keep your cool when you ask your seatmate to pass the money to the driver, but your seatmate's totally ignoring you.


Just pass my coins to the front and no one gets hurt.

5. Being surprised because the jeepney is playing your favorite jam.


The Backstreet Boys? I don't ever want to get down from this ride!

6. Seeing an overly affectionate couple in your peripheral vision.


Why yes, public transportation is the perfect venue for your date. Carry on you adorable couple, carry on.

7. Geting anxious because the driver is making his own road rules.


I'm pretty sure the yellow light doesn't mean "go faster."

8. Achieving the unintentional #justwokeup hairdo.

Pixar Animation Studios

I would like to thank my stylist, the need for speed.

9. Seeing a stranger offer his seat to an elder, and that guy choosing to stand by the door of the jeepney instead.

Warner Bros.

Faith in humanity restored.

10. Yelling "PARA PO" to tell the driver to stop.

Studio Ghibli

And expecting a chorus of "PARA DAW PO" from fellow passengers if the driver didn't hear you.

11. Bracing yourself because you know the driver will slam on the brakes.

Not as cute as this puppy stopping though.

12. Getting down from the jeepney and being proud of yourself.


You survived the crazy ride! Good job you!

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