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What Happened When BuzzFeed Quoted Me In An Article

You tried your best, and that's all that matters.

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We need to talk, Buzzfeed.

Like many people, I love Buzzfeed. It's my first-stop shop for internet time-wasting (right after Facebook, of course). I'm always up for a good listicle. The Try Guys are God's gift to the web, IMO. I've watched Buzzfeed grow into a legitimate news source and enjoy a lot of their in-depth reporting.

I'm also a fairly prolific commenter. So, after years of commenting on various posts, I was thrilled to discover I had been quoted in their article, 26 Stuggles All Overly Nice People Know To Be True. Here's how it all went down:

W00T! I was on my way to internet glory! (Standefer is my last name, BTW. On Facebook I've got the middle name thing going on, as you do.) But wait... I don't remember saying that anywhere...

It's true, being an overly-nice person can be a struggle (source: I am one). And I definitely remember commenting on that article. I just don't remember writing the quote that was attributed to me.

Jack was feeling me.

TL;DR: I say yes too much and end up not having any time for myself.

Also, I'm not sure why a "?" appeared instead of the crying emoji I originally typed. Get on that, Buzzfeed programmers.

Wait... what? Buzzfeed, that's... definitely not what I said at all. I get that comments sometimes need to be pared down for editing purposes, but this was quite the rewrite.

Like... not even close to my original comment.

Same, Jon Stewart. Same.

Littlefinger gets it.

Ok, so only two friends commented BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

Still having trouble wrapping my head around it.


Look, I know it's not that big of a deal. I recognize that it was a community post, and perhaps Buzzfeed doesn't hold its community posts to the standards of its mainstream articles. OP was in the ballpark (kinda), and I very likely put way too much time and effort into this post than was warranted (I swear, I really am a nice person IRL). But--and maybe this a big assumption on my part--I always assumed that when you reported on something, you quoted your sources, yanno, accurately.

Keep doing your thang. <3

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