Sheabyshea Married....stay at home wife/mom. Pt Freelance Writer....Music Junkie.....Animal Advocate....Dog Rescuer....Child Abuse/Domestic Violence advocate.
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    • Sheabyshea

      Sadly, because of her age and the fact that she is from the south, she was raised with a racist mentality. Until I moved to South Carolina (on the Augusta, GA line), my kids had never heard the “N word” used except in movies…(I was born and raised in Los Angeles and then lived in Boston as an adult). Here in this area, you hear it all the time. It’s very sad. I do not condone that word and it is not allowed to be said around my home. Paula Dean is of a generation that went to segregated schools and was taught that people are different based on the color of their skin. I hate that mentality and had to work hard to make sure that my daughter who was 2 when we moved here, did not develop that mid-set. I just wish people would learn that your ethnicity, skin color, sexual orientation, religion, or income bracket does not define who you are as a human. We all breathe and bleed the same….Her apology didn’t sound sincere because it was only made because she was caught and is trying to salvage her career. Personally, I find her annoying and her recopies are some of the most unhealthy things ever printed….
      Who cares if she loses her show and product lines…..many may be saved from heart-attacks if she does.

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