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    30 Young Indie Artists India Could Be Listening To Instead Of Honey Singh

    In case you're craving chaar botal of something a bit more melodious.

    1. Dualist Inquiry

    All Is Amazing / Via Facebook: dualistinquiry

    One of the most popular electronic musicians in the scene today, and here's why.

    2. The F 16s

    The F 16s / Via Facebook: thef16s

    The refreshingly new sound of The F 16s will blow your mind. (Pun not intended)

    3. The Family Cheese

    The Family Cheese / Via Facebook: thefamilycheese

    One of the funkiest and grooviest bands in the country. And damn, do these guys love their breakfast.

    4. Sandunes

    Sandunes / Via Facebook: sandunesmusic

    She's already played alongside some of the biggest DJs at Sunburn, and here's a good reason why.

    5. Spud In The Box

    Spud in the Box / Via Facebook: spudintheboxmusic

    The pop rock sextet were one of the youngest bands to break through the scene, but are already one of the best. Check them out here.

    6. Parvaaz

    Polina Schapova / Via Facebook: parvaazmusic

    You don't open for alt-J if you're just another band. Listen to their latest single here.

    7. The Koniac Net

    The Koniac Net / Via Facebook: koniacnet

    This alt rock group is really going places. Bhutan included^

    8. Nucleya

    Neville Sukhia / Via Facebook: nucleya


    9. Max Godman

    Manan Gupta / Via Facebook: maxgodmanmusic

    This Mumbai youngster effortlessly channels his inner Jon Gomm, and boy, does he do it well.

    10. Skyharbor

    Skyharbor / Via Facebook: skyharbormusic

    One of the most popular metal acts to have come out of India, and with good reason.

    11. The Other People

    The Other People / Via Facebook: theotherpeopleindia

    The Other People really know what the people like. Check out their amazing Christmas ballad here.

    12. Your Chin

    Raxit Tewari / Via Facebook: yourchintimes

    Also known as the frontman of Sky Rabbit, this is Raxit Tewari's solo electronica act.

    13. The Lightyears Explode

    Margub Ali / Via Facebook: TheLightyearsExplode

    Their unique brand of Masala Punk will leave you dazed and confused, but in a really good way.

    14. Mohini Dey

    MTV Coke Studio / Via Facebook: Mohini-dey

    Flea has some serious competition from this unbelievably talented youngster.

    15. Skrat

    Sriram TT / Via Facebook: Skrattheband

    This Chennai based 3-piece is both catchy and badass at the same time. Every time.

    16. OX7GEN

    Aditya Akash / Via Facebook: ox7gen

    Aditya Ashok's sublime drum and bass act gives us hope.

    17. MADBOY/ MINK

    Imaad Shah/ Saba Azad / Via Facebook: MADBOYMINK

    Welcome to the world of electro- funk, India. You're welcome.

    18. Nicholson

    Cotton Press Studio / Via Facebook: nicholsontunes

    If you're a fan of artists like James Blake and Flume, you're going to love this.

    19. Tejas Menon

    Tejas Menon / Via Facebook:

    When a legend like Warren Mendonsa produces your debut EP, you know you're doing something right.

    20. Bombay Bassment

    Bombay Bassment / Via Facebook: BombayBassment

    This hip hop/ drum n bass act is guaranteed to get you moving with their tunes.

    21. Prateek Kuhad

    22. Clown WiTh a Frown

    Counter Culture / Via Facebook: ClownWiThaFrown

    Bangalore has produced some of the best bands in the country over the years. This pop/funk rock band is one of the newest entrants on that prolific list.

    23. Space Behind The Yellow Room

    Space Behind The Yellow Room / Via Facebook: spacebehindtheyellowroom

    So loud. So melodic. So good.

    24. Dhruv Visvanath

    Dhruv Visvanath / Via Facebook: dhruvguitarmusic

    There's just one of him, actually. But that's more than enough.

    25. The Colour Compound

    The Colour Compound / Via Facebook: thecolourcompound

    When your line-up includes members from acts like Something Relevant and OX7GEN, you know you're you've got one hell of a killer combination.

    26. The Ganesh Talkies

    Ronit Biswas / Via Facebook: GaneshTalkies

    East meets West in this Kolkata based band. And the result is simply sublime.

    27. Meera Shenoy

    Prateek Kuhad / Via Facebook: prateekkuhadmusic

    This Pune based 21 year old singer songwriter's voice and lyrics go well beyond her years.

    28. Advaita

    Advaita / Via Facebook: advaitamusic

    Indian Ocean made fusion music what it is today. And Advaita is taking up the torch, without a doubt.

    29. Hoirong

    Kamal Singh / Via Facebook: hoirong

    Punk? Post Rock? Noise? Disco? Who cares?! This is awesome.

    30. LIVE Banned

    LIVE Banned / Via Facebook: livebanned

    And THIS, children, is how you're really supposed to be using auto-tune.

    Still want to listen to Honey Singh?

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