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13 Kids Who Have Wayyy More Swag Than You

Dapper in a diaper.

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1. This kid wistfully staring off into the distance, wondering why the hell people can't stop pulling his cheeks.

2. This handsome young man, who is amused at the constant stream of rishtas coming his way.

3. This girl, who's trying to play it cool although her mum is obviously aping her signature outfit.

4. This hipster-as-hell maverick, who probably thinks your favourite nursery rhymes are too damn mainstream.

5. This dude who could probably upstage you as best-dressed at your own wedding.

6. This guy who makes patriotism look cuter than you could ever imagine.

7. This little girl who's probably throwing all the flowers away because they ain't got nothin' on her.

8. This guy who's so done with your obsolete fashion advice that he's just gonna pretend he didn't hear you.

9. This young lady who frankly seems a tad annoyed that she's on some random lawn and not on a runway already.

10. This adorable tyke who can barely walk but whose fashion game is stronger than yours.

11. This dynamic duo who are all set to school you on how to rock the traditional look.

12. This kid who's already more baller than you're ever going to be.

13. And this kurta-clad cutie, who's already got the Britney head tilt down better than you ever will.