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17 Of The Weirdest, Coolest And Most Unique Buildings In India

Some beautiful, some bizarre, some... fish. H/t: This reddit thread.

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Yesterday, the good folks over at r/india had a discussion about some of the most unique buildings in India, and it threw up some pretty interesting results:


4. Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bengaluru.

This auditorium is in the shape of a 7-stringed violin, dedicated to violinist T. Chowdiah, who added three extra strings to the traditional 4-string violin.

It's even cooler on Google Maps, so look it up!


16. Matrimandir, Auroville.

Arnab Deka Photography / Via

This fantastic structure is covered with golden discs on the outside, which reflect the sunlight. People from all religions and beliefs are allowed inside.