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    17 Of The Weirdest, Coolest And Most Unique Buildings In India

    Some beautiful, some bizarre, some... fish. H/t: This reddit thread.

    Yesterday, the good folks over at r/india had a discussion about some of the most unique buildings in India, and it threw up some pretty interesting results:

    1. Motisons Tower, Jaipur.

    Instagram: retardclick / Via

    This building, made by Motisons jewellers, lights up in beautiful fashion at night, with the building's "petals" constantly changing colour.

    2. National Fisheries Development Board, Hyderabad.

    Ra Chandroo / Via

    Architect: "So what kind of building do you want?"

    NFDB: "Well, we're the National Fisheries Dev-"

    Architect: "Say no more."

    3. Bombay Art Society, Mumbai.

    Bone Magazine / Via

    This exquisite building was designed by architect Sanjay Suri, and takes some inspiration from European expressionist architecture.

    4. Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bengaluru.!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x3bae16323abcb2d7:0x5992abc3ff8ebba9

    This auditorium is in the shape of a 7-stringed violin, dedicated to violinist T. Chowdiah, who added three extra strings to the traditional 4-string violin.

    It's even cooler on Google Maps, so look it up!

    5. This upside-down building at EVP World, Chennai.

    Technically a part of an amusement park, this building has bewildered many people as it is visible from the Bangalore-Chennai expressway.

    6. The Big Ben replica, Kolkata.

    Instagram: deepak_insta_user / Via

    Mamata Banerjee once stated that she'd like to turn Kolkata into London. It seems a "literally" would be in order here.

    7. The Orange County clubhouse, Ghaziabad.

    Even the benches and plants on the exterior of this clubhouse are upside down, although luckily everything on the inside seems to be normal.

    8. This "bottle house" in Raipur.

    That's... pretty much all we know about it. Let's put a (bottle) cap on this one for now.

    9. Kingdom of Dreams, Gurugram.

    This live, theatre and leisure destination cost an estimated ₹200 crore to make, and is spread out over a sprawling 6-acre property.

    10. The Infosys building at Hinjewadi, Pune.

    Nevilla Sukhia / Via Flickr: nsukhia

    Also known as UFOsys.*

    *(Not really but it totally could, right?)

    11. Niyamasabha Mandiram, Thiruvananthapuram.

    The Kerala assembly building looks pretty imposing with it's 9,237,231 white pillars (approximation AF).

    12. National Cooperative Development Corporation Building, Delhi.

    A Redditor commented that it looks like "something from Mordor."

    13. Golghar, Patna.

    This curiously-shaped structure was built waaaaaay back in 1786, and was used to store grains for the British army.

    14. Bagh-e-Bahu Aquarium, Jammu.

    The entrance is the gaping mouth of a petrified fish so that you're absolutely sure you're walking into an aquarium and not a bank or something.

    15. Lotus Temple, Delhi.

    The Bahá'í house of worship is one of the most visited buildings in the country, since its completion exactly 30 years ago.

    16. Matrimandir, Auroville.

    Arnab Deka Photography / Via

    This fantastic structure is covered with golden discs on the outside, which reflect the sunlight. People from all religions and beliefs are allowed inside.

    17. And Mukesh Ambani's Mumbai residence, Antilla.

    Just why.

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